The Threat from Radicalisation……

21 Jun

‘The ‘War on Terror’ is still in the headlines pretty much every day; maybe every other day, but it’s always there. It’s relentless and gives the impression that we are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of a ‘terrorist’ attack at any moment. Just how realistic is the vision of terrorism that is being portrayed in the media…..?’

We are living in what is effectively a police state; a country at war that has contingencies for ‘Continuity of Government’ and where human rights have become opaque. Anybody can be arrested on charges relating to terrorism, sound in the knowledge that we uphold the basic rights of someone who enters the justice system, only to discover that you have none of the fundamental rights awarded to ‘normal’ criminals. We know that our Government has already been complicit in ‘extraordinary rendition’, lying to the public (Iraq) and imprisoning people without due process for years in some cases and on the say so of Ministers, not Judges. If they say you’re a terrorist, you’re a terrorist and human rights go out of the equation.  With the Snowden leak, there is video of innocent bystanders being gunned down and the use of drones to ‘take out’ key players, without any judicial process and in another country’s sovereign territory, which could be considered an act of war……

Death_01We have to get some perspective on things. The buzz word of the moment is ‘radicalisation’. If you take a step back 15 years, we were complicit in destroying Iraq’s infrastructure and causing the deaths of up to one million Iraqi civilians. All based on proven lies. And who’s been charged in The Hague by the International Criminal Court; nobody. Then we did the same to Afghanistan, supposedly to look for Bin Laden.

If you were five when 9/11 happened and you have constantly heard about ‘Muslim Extremists’. This message has been re-enforced by media rhetoric persistently. Out here in the real world we also know what kids are like. They can be incredibly cruel about differences and you are not telling me that Muslim pupils haven’t been called ‘terrorist’ or ‘I bet you’re in al Qaida’. It’s very sad that a lot of pupils don’t report these racist incidents.

Given the ‘right’ circumstances somebody could easily be influenced but, it isn’t as black and white as it may appear.  The churches’ psychological tricks of childhood indoctrination and complete deference to the deity are deeply engrained.  The generation of teenagers leaving school now. some will have always felt demonised by UK and US rhetoric.

U.S. Marines conduct a security patrol in the war-torn city of Falluja. REUTERS/handout

U.S. Marines conduct a security patrol in the war-torn city of Falluja. REUTERS/handout

So what about the imminent threat we face each time we leave the house. Attacks on individuals are abhorrent and carried out by psychopaths. Thankfully, they are incredibly rare and I do not want to detract  from the good work that our security services do. They have all the laws required to deal with them without turning to the ‘enhanced’ methods, which used to be called torture before being redefined by our allies, the United States of America; a fundamental Christian society. The ‘loan wolves’ acting completely independently are virtually unstoppable, but so is a bank robbery or a street theft. There are doubtless young adults in this country that see the world very differently to you and I but the threat they pose is infinitesimal.

The main and by far the most dangerous ‘extremists’ are our Government and its ‘special’ relationship with the USA. With the help of the media they provide the fuel which all terrorist need; exposure.

The reasons for radicalisation are complex and the foreign policies, historical and current, have certainly had a part to play in the mess that persists in the Middle East which is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. But in reality you have more chance of winning the lottery than being involved in a terrorist incident……

We need to remove religion from radicalisation and take a close look at foreign policy.  Admittedly, religion plays a roll in the particular brand of radicalisation we hear about in the media but foreign policy and rhetoric have certainly played their part too……

Personally, I fear western governments and foreign policy more the ISIS/ISL/IS……


The Trouble with Windmills……

14 Jun

‘Wind power is a multi-million dollar industry which claims to be part of the solution to global warming and CO2 emissions. But just how ‘green’ are the windmills that are popping up on land and sea……?’

Once installed, providing they are turning they generate ‘free’ electricity. It is hailed as a panacea in the CO2 debate but they have many drawbacks and cost a small fortune; heavily subsidised by you and me.


I read one article on the internet which claimed a wind turbine ‘repaid’ its Carbon footprint within one year of installation; although how they reached this startling claim is not clear; were they offsetting the initial cost against the retail price of the power generated? I think we can safely assume that the egg-heads will have worked on the assumption that it was in service 24-7/365. The industry claim that they are operational on average 66% of the time, but I feel that might be a bit generous. Wind turbines have a limited operating envelope. They need 7.82mph to turn, reaching maximum efficiency at 31.3mph and have to be stopped at 55mph. They also have a 20year operating lifetime before an expensive refit.

Wind_Farm_01The sums simply don’t add up. There are 6,262 around the UK, producing 12 gigawatts (GW). According to the National Grid website, the UK electricity demand is between 30 and 40GW, therefore, if the statistics are correct, wind-farms are producing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ½ to 1/3rd of demand. National Grid gives a figure of just 3%. The reason for these wildly differing amounts is good old fashioned bias. Accurate statistics are hard to find. I only trust published scientific papers which have been cited by a large number of qualified people. The internet is full of information, not knowledge. Obviously, the manufacturers, operators and the Government cherry pick the statistics that best suit their own ends……

Open_Cast_MineIn the real world governments and industry fail to include some of the most inefficient items on the list if you are trying to calculate CO2 footprints. For example; Copper is vital and the cheapest place to get it is in China where the concentration is around 0.5%. There are manmade craters resembling the Grand Canyon where gargantuan machines eat away at rocks day and night to extract 1/2kg of Copper per Ton of earth. I couldn’t find a comparable statistic for Neodymium or Dysprosium but they are not called rare-earth elements for nothing. Compared with Neodymium, Copper is like Cheddar Cheese. A wind turbine contains 326kg of Neodymium; imagine the spoil heap. And while I’m on the subject of spoil heaps; China is known for its lack of corporate responsibility when it comes to waste materials, many of which are toxic and even radioactive. With 95% of world Neodymium reserves in China virtually any electronics company is on shaky ground if they claim to act responsibly……

So, overall how do you rate wind-farms? Well in my opinion they are a White Elephant. Global Warming is an industry and has one aim, to make profits, which is not saving the planet. We have a Government which is not even close to reducing CO2 levels to the amounts agreed (and put into law). Whether you’re a fan of the aesthetics or not, wind-farms are not the answer, they barely scratch the surface.

And the final nail in the coffin? We still need the old power stations for when the wind doesn’t blow……



6 Jun

‘I can ramble on endlessly about politics, religion, science, inequality, war and a hundred other things but the subject I find hardest to express is my own struggle with chronic depression and anxiety, predominantly because I can’t find the words and believe that only another sufferer can really understand……’

Depression has the outward appearance of ‘normality’. It doesn’t come with a plaster cast, visible scars or crutches; it is an invisible, insidious disease. This does not diminish its impact which can be just as debilitating as any physical illness……

Head_04I cannot tell you when I first became depressed, or why, but I live in what feels like a pinball machine being bounced from one crisis to another, all having an accumulative effect over my entire life and illness. Therein lies one of the problems with chronic depression because from an observer’s point of view they usually ask the same questions; why are you so unhappy and what would make you happy; both of which I can’t answer. I can tell you how it manifests but I cannot emphasise enough that this is after suffering for over 30 years. One distressing event in your life is usually surmountable; it’s when years of seemingly endless distress continues that the problem reaches epic scales.

Head_03Days vary; some are better than others but always with an underlying presence. One of depression’s most cruel and insidious effects are on sleep, or the lack of it. No matter what I try I find it impossible to establish a reasonable sleep pattern (even with prescription sleeping tablets). Chronic Insomnia on its own is known to dramatically affect your mood and your ability to concentrate. Added to an already deeply engrained depression insomnia becomes a double edged sword. When all you would rather do is sleep to escape the misery, insomnia puts the dampers on. So, not only can you not sleep but the time drags along making five minutes feel like an hour. I also suffer from sleep paralysis; a situation which occurs both when you fall asleep and wake up. It may only last for seconds and is a state of semi-consciousness where you are aware of not being fully asleep but cannot move. If combined with a nightmare or post-traumatic stress disorder it is truly terrifying fighting to escape to consciousness.

I have become so ill I contemplate suicide almost daily. It seems like the only way to escape from the prison inside your head. It also has a profound effect on your ability to function ‘normally’. I don’t eat properly, I get no exercise, I rarely leave my room and fear of the outside world can be paralysing. It’s not a secret amongst people who know me that I self-medicate, which is not uncommon, and is usually partly as a result of the medical establishment failing to deal with problems quickly and with the right choice of treatment; which is woefully inadequate. The upshot of the inadequate treatment of mental health issues is years of torment as you scream for help which never comes……

Early and appropriate intervention is fundamental for curing any illness; however, your overworkedHead_Pills_01 GP will simply reach for the prescription pad. There are dozens of anti-depressants and finding the one which may help you can take months. More often than not, once you’ve tried them and they don’t work you either continue to take whichever ‘lucky dip’ pills you’ve ended up on (usually the cheapest, not the best), or just give up altogether. Someone suffering from serious chronic depression is unlikely to enthusiastically keep returning to their GP to ask to try something new. The second and probably most important thing someone with depression needs is therapy. But this is a major problem; first of all you will wait months for an assessment. Then, if you’re lucky, you may be offered counselling; in my case four sessions. Four sessions with somebody you may not be comfortable to disclose your innermost traumatic childhood experiences with, and four hours is not sufficient to scratch the surface of 30 years of dysfunctional living, addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviours and despair. All of the time that passes so slowly only makes your situation worse and it becomes incredibly difficult to ever recover……

Head_01Although friends try to help nothing they say has much effect. The most annoying thing I’ve heard a hundred times is, “If you’ve reached rock bottom things can only get better”. Meant in good faith and from non-medical people the sentiment is appreciated but things do continue to get worse. Maybe there is a ‘rock bottom’ but for me things just get worse.

From my point of view the future isn’t something I look forward too. I see my situation as unchanging and a future in which things only appear more bleak the further away I dare to contemplate. I’m isolated, stuck in a challenging domestic situation, I feel I have no prospects of ever reaching the ‘aspirational’ trappings of success and feel that nothing will change, and I will become old, poor and lonely. In truth this will not happen because I will exercise the only control I feel I have left and which is guaranteed to end my daily inner distress; suicide. This isn’t a threat or a ‘cry for help’, it is a simple solution and when my choice will not affect the person I love, I will proceed with a sense of relief……

If there is any possibility that I can be ‘cured’ or at least feel that things were to improve, then I may re-evaluate my future but in the absence of long term, specialist intervention, I cannot envisage that future……


Richard Heath & Robin Heath: Synchronicity of the Earth’s Rotation with the Moon’s Orbital Cycles and Solar Year

15 May

Steve Walker:

I found this article interesting…. Hope you do too….

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Following up the post on eclipse prediction and Stonehenge yesterday, Stuart ‘oldbrew’ flagged up this unpublished paper by Richard Heath and Robin Heath he found on the wayback machine. This raises very interesting questions about the precession of the equinox and the rate of Earth’s rotation.

This document was prepared by Richard Heath as a letter for Nature magazine and submitted on 14th April 1994 but remained unpublished. For readers of the Matrix of Creation (2nd ed, Inner Traditions Press, 2004) it marks the discovery of a unit of time proposed and named the Chronon, as being 1/10000th of the Moon’s orbit and also the difference between the sidereal and tropical day of the Earth. The paper also documents a discovery made, with Robin Heath, later to be documented in his books: that one can divide up the solar year by its excess over the eclipse year to reveal…

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21st Century Slavery……

2 Mar

‘Reach for the history books and they’ll tell you that slavery was abolished in the UK by the Slave Trade Act of 1807, driven by the unstoppable will-power of William Wilberforce. Well, almost……’

 William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

The Slave Trade Act of 1807 simply outlawed the transportation of slaves. It wasn’t until 1833 that the Slavery Abolition Act was passed; making the owning, buying or selling of slaves illegal. It is not a coincidence that 26 years separated the two acts. Most of the Parliamentarians of the day had slaves and given life expectancy most had exploited the full potential from the slaves they owned. So, what’s changed…..?


First we need to define precisely what a ‘slave’ is. There’s the meaning we all take for granted, of people imprisoned against their will, transported to ‘the colonies’ and forced to work for a ‘master’; all enforced by extreme brutality and violence metred out to anybody who didn’t tow the line. It is now part of our shameful past but still happens all over the world to this day.

There are other definitions which have more congruity with our lives today. The Oxford English Dictionary contains several. Here are the ones that are pertinent to this article:

  1. A person who works hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.
  2. A person who is completely dependent upon, or controlled by something.
  3. A state of subjection.

Anybody who is a member of the plebeian proletariat, which is me and most of the people I know, falls into one, two or all three of the definitions given above. Here’s why.

greedy-bankersThe Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates that a single person with no dependents requires an income of £16,300p/y, after deductions, to meet their basic needs. No holidays, cars or HDTVs included; just survival. Therefore, you are a slave to your employer, who holds you in subjection by the necessity to survive. Worse still, that employer probably doesn’t even come close to meeting those basic needs, leaving many people dependent upon the Government for Tax Credits; which is effectively another way of admitting that British employers pay too little for you to survive, further enslaving you to the State. To add insult to injury many of those employers manage to ‘avoid’ paying taxes to HMRC……

Having taken into account your own position the chances are that you fit the definition of a slave, only the ball and chain has been replaced by the threat of withholding essential income.

Ball and ChainThis form of modern slavery is a very clever device which causes apathy amongst huge groups in society who apostatise issues they hold dear for fear of disenfranchisement by the State upon which they depend for their survival……

It is my personal belief that this ideology is not accidental. Only the other day two more MPs fell prey to a press sting where they told us how they could influence policy and trade ‘under the radar’, and how this was excellent value at £8K per day; more than an unemployed person is paid yearly. If it was 1715 instead of 2015 I dare say we would have adopted the French model and separate MPs heads from their bodies, but it’s a carefully built house of cards and the distraction of survival along with the threat of ‘Jihady John’, ISIS/ISL/IS, global warming and the astutely constructed financial instability from which they protect us, keeps the vassal status quo.


The basic fact is that we are enslaved by a system from which we are unable to escape, with the exception of Ray Mears and maybe Bear Grylls. The nepotism, quid pro quo and control of the ruling elite keeps us firmly in our place; slaves who keep the cabal in positions of power and wealth through meaningless elections. You are most probably a modern slave……

Emancipation anybody…..?


A Sad Day for Free Speach……

27 Feb

Today we have heard the sad news that fellow blogger, Avijit Roy, was murdered and his wife seriously injured by two deluded individuals.

The American born writer of Bangladeshi origin was killed in Dhaka.  His blog ‘Mucto-Mono’ (Free Mind) discussed the catastrophic repercussions of the effects of religion and other social inequalities in today’s world.

The couple were attacked by two men with machetes.


My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Avijit.  Rest assured that his great work will be carried on by the rest of us……

RIP Avijit……


The Seductive Simplicity of Certainty……

22 Feb

Steve Walker:

And still nothing has changed….

Originally posted on A Dripping Tap's Blog:

As the balance shifts ever further toward taking an early exit from what is laughably called ‘a life’, I am yet again contemplating the age old philosophical question of the purpose of existence.  If I was not a confirmed atheist I could put the blame for my shortcomings firmly at the door of a divine creator.  After all, if my existence is a part of the big plan of an intelligent designer, then all of my mistakes were laid out for me to make before I was born.  If, however, my instinct and reasoning that I am here as the result of an enormous string of improbable events is correct and there is no ‘god’, then I am the result of my own bad choices and, arguably, nurturing.  In the same way that someone of religious persuasion can find a reason to rejoice at their existence, I could blindly consider…

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