Just Because You’re Paranoid……

26 Nov

Something interesting landed in my inbox the other day.  It’s not unusual to get an email from Microsoft informing you of potential unauthorised activity on your account.  It can be triggered because of a geographical difference in your usual location.  This one just happened to be my blog account……’

Now, it’s not unusual to get these type of emails, especially with all the scams that take place.  Microsoft kindly gave me the IP address of the person, persons or organisation that tried to, or did access my account and took me through the process of account verification and password change.  Because they had given me the IP address I decided to track it.  The result is interesting as you will see…..

Here’s a screenshot of the email.  Note the IP address…..

And, here’s the result of my search for the owner of that IP address……

The longitude and latitude of the server turned out to be closest to this property operated by the Minisrty of Defence……

I’m not concerned in the slightest that the Ministry of Defence may want to view my private communications.  I make frequent references to the crimes carried out by them; the extra-judicial execution of ‘terrorists’ in the sovereign territories of far away countries by drone on their orders, often killing innocent people in the process, and we are expected to simply take their word for it that they are terrorists who pose a threat to our national security.  I maintain that both the Afghan and Iraq wars were illegal and that the public were misled as to the treat posed by them.  The deaths of our troops and those of at least 1.5million innocent civilians make this a very serious issue and the Commander in Chief should be indicted, hauled off the in International Criminal Court and answer for their actions.  Our part in Extraordinary Rendition, torture in so called ‘black sites’ and the illegal detention without charge of UK nationals in Guantanamo Bay.

In my opinion our politicians are nothing more than puppets, controlled by an incredibly powerful group of nefarious overlords and are in the pay of the Military Industrial Complex.  An organisation who benefit from war and incursions all over the globe, hence the ramping up of war in the Middle and Far East. They benefit from every angle, be it the initial destruction for which they fund and supply arms to all sides.  They benefit from migration with lucrative contracts holding asylum seekers in detention centres and they benefit from the rebuilding of the infrastructure they destroy.  Suffice to say ‘world piece’ or an end to the media driven ‘war on terror’ is not one of their goals.  As the ‘Project for a New American Centry – Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ stated they intended to have a war without end against an invisible enemy.  

Wars make money and money is the bottom line for the Globalist New World Order.  They will stop at nothing to achieve this end……  Privately owned ‘federal’ banks control the money supply and Governments under the control of the Biulderberg Group and the illusion of democracy allows them to get away with it……
If my private blog correspondence is so threatening then indict me and I’ll see you in open court…..


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