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12 Jun

‘Demos – The People: Kratia – Power, Rule (Greek).  The power of the people, or maybe not……’

Following the latest debacle of an election, you can give it whatever label you choose, but ‘democracy’ is most certainly is not.  The Conservative Party received less than 50% of the votes cast. So, if more than half of the population wanted the country to be administered by someone other than the Conservatives, how can this be in any way democratic?  Yes, they have formed a minority Government but due to our lack of proportional representation and The Parliament Act, they will still be able to put in place whatever policies they deem fit whether more than half the populous agree……

Regardless of the self serving flaws in our ‘democratic’ system whoever is in control they are under no obligation to deliver their manifesto promises. This is clearly demonstrated by the previous two administrations (although this stands ad infinitum); in both of the last two elections the key promises of economic stability, economic growth, a better standard of living, improvements in public services, control over immigration and the reduction/elimination of public debt failed in all cases……

In reality the gap between rich and poor has never been wider since WWII. The economically disadvantaged have little, if any, chance of improving their situation. Our public health services have never been in such disarray, police numbers are down on previous years and education has become yet another victim of private sector interests. Despite the promises of the past 7 weeks, nothing will change…..

Good news, however, if you happen to be a multinational company. Workers’ rights continue to be eroded by zero hours contracts, tax avoidance is just as easy as ever and worth every donation to political parties who are making no attempt whatsoever to end it……

The real result of the general election is the certainty that the rich will get richer whilst everyone else either stagnates or moves further down the economic ladder. The Military Industrial Complex will continue to grow and who knows where ‘Brexit’ will leave us but it won’t be better off……



BREXSHIT – What They Didn’t Tell You……

4 Aug

One of the single most important parts of the UK’s exit from the EU is Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty; the treaty which none of us voted for. It sets out the terms and conditions of the negotiations surrounding any country’s exit. Here are some of the non-negotiable clauses that could easily leave us up the proverbial creak without a paddle……

TWO YEARS keeps popping up in interviews with politicians; why? Because of Clause Four of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. What it basically says is that, if we haven’t agreed a unilaterally acceptable exit from the EU within two years, we no longer have a seat at the table and the Ts&Cs of our exit will decided by the remaining 27 nations.  This is almost certainly going to happen.


Theresa May

First of all we are attempting to negotiate differing arrangements with each member state. There are 27 of them and, so far, we haven’t managed to agree anything with anyone (taking into account the fact that Dave the Pig fucker has already been talking with them for over two years before the referendum and got nowhere).  Mrs. Thatcher, sorry, Theresa May hasn’t exactly been gleefully pontificating about her own successful agreements since nobody elected her and she’s only got another 24 heads of state to disagree with.

Another big problem is the lack of a unilaterally proposed exit agreement. Even if by some miracle we did manage to agree on a different solution with each country, all 27 of them then have to be in agreement with each other for us to get the exit strategy we want (and I haven’t yet heard a reasonable explanation of precisely what that is?)

WE’VE CHANGED OUR MIND – Tuff shit! When you’re out, you’re out. There’s no going back. The only way to re-join the EU is to start from scratch and apply just like any other country, which would take years……

So, whether you voted to stay or leave, it changes nothing. Unfortunately, a very large percentage of people voted to leave for one of two reasons: 1 – To stop all those pesky immigrants from taking our jobs, houses and scrounging from the DWP. 2 – To stop the ‘so called’ Islamic State from terrorising us, when it’s actually the other way around (so far all acts of terrorism have been carried out by British Nationals who were born here)……

AND FINALLY – All of this will make very little difference to you, me and 97% of the population. We’ll still get fucked over at every possible opportunity. Just one payday away from destitution……





21st Century Slavery……

2 Mar

‘Reach for the history books and they’ll tell you that slavery was abolished in the UK by the Slave Trade Act of 1807, driven by the unstoppable will-power of William Wilberforce. Well, almost……’

 William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

The Slave Trade Act of 1807 simply outlawed the transportation of slaves. It wasn’t until 1833 that the Slavery Abolition Act was passed; making the owning, buying or selling of slaves illegal. It is not a coincidence that 26 years separated the two acts. Most of the Parliamentarians of the day had slaves and given life expectancy most had exploited the full potential from the slaves they owned. So, what’s changed…..?


First we need to define precisely what a ‘slave’ is. There’s the meaning we all take for granted, of people imprisoned against their will, transported to ‘the colonies’ and forced to work for a ‘master’; all enforced by extreme brutality and violence metred out to anybody who didn’t tow the line. It is now part of our shameful past but still happens all over the world to this day.

There are other definitions which have more congruity with our lives today. The Oxford English Dictionary contains several. Here are the ones that are pertinent to this article:

  1. A person who works hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.
  2. A person who is completely dependent upon, or controlled by something.
  3. A state of subjection.

Anybody who is a member of the plebeian proletariat, which is me and most of the people I know, falls into one, two or all three of the definitions given above. Here’s why.

greedy-bankersThe Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates that a single person with no dependents requires an income of £16,300p/y, after deductions, to meet their basic needs. No holidays, cars or HDTVs included; just survival. Therefore, you are a slave to your employer, who holds you in subjection by the necessity to survive. Worse still, that employer probably doesn’t even come close to meeting those basic needs, leaving many people dependent upon the Government for Tax Credits; which is effectively another way of admitting that British employers pay too little for you to survive, further enslaving you to the State. To add insult to injury many of those employers manage to ‘avoid’ paying taxes to HMRC……

Having taken into account your own position the chances are that you fit the definition of a slave, only the ball and chain has been replaced by the threat of withholding essential income.

Ball and ChainThis form of modern slavery is a very clever device which causes apathy amongst huge groups in society who apostatise issues they hold dear for fear of disenfranchisement by the State upon which they depend for their survival……

It is my personal belief that this ideology is not accidental. Only the other day two more MPs fell prey to a press sting where they told us how they could influence policy and trade ‘under the radar’, and how this was excellent value at £8K per day; more than an unemployed person is paid yearly. If it was 1715 instead of 2015 I dare say we would have adopted the French model and separate MPs heads from their bodies, but it’s a carefully built house of cards and the distraction of survival along with the threat of ‘Jihady John’, ISIS/ISL/IS, global warming and the astutely constructed financial instability from which they protect us, keeps the vassal status quo.


The basic fact is that we are enslaved by a system from which we are unable to escape, with the exception of Ray Mears and maybe Bear Grylls. The nepotism, quid pro quo and control of the ruling elite keeps us firmly in our place; slaves who keep the cabal in positions of power and wealth through meaningless elections. You are most probably a modern slave……

Emancipation anybody…..?


Karl McCartney: Filtering out the Truth……

16 Feb

‘It’ll be abundantly clear of any of Karl McCartney’s constituents that, to coin the phrase of one the 21st century’s greatest philosophers, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” – [G.W.Bush – circa 2002]……

Karl_McCartney_MPIt is the job of your MP to represent your views in the Houses of Parliament. That applies whether you voted for them or not; they are still your representative in the House. They should gauge opinion and express it when it comes to voting on legislation. Karl McCartney not only ignores the opinions of individual constituents but he actively ‘filters out’ a whole public lobby, specifically by discounting the opinions of people who follow political debate and proposed legislation through social media……


38 Degrees……

38 Degrees38 Degrees is a legitimate public interest website. It does not claim any political affiliation; it simply raises issues that are important to the people of this country and which are not prioritised in traditional media. However, 38 Degrees seems to be Karl’s antithesis. Perhaps they are a little too close to the truth? 38 Degrees ‘members’ are just subscribers to updates and information regarding laws that may be under review, as well as other vital stories that would pass them by without the likes of 38 Degrees.

There are many websites that perform similar functions and gauging public opinion through Social Media was actively pursued as a policy in the new ‘transparency’ era. You can raise an e-petition to get your voice heard in Parliament, so a modern MP should be able to gauge opinion through social media and they have flunkies to deal with the tech, so there are no excuses……

Your Automatic Reply:

KM_HC_PicThank you for contacting Karl McCartney, Member of Parliament for Lincoln. This is an automatic response acknowledging the receipt of your email.

If you are a constituent raising an issue (or acting on behalf of a constituent), we will reply by hard copy. If you have not already done so, please re-send your email with your full postal

Under Parliamentary protocol, MPs are only able to take up individual cases on behalf of their own constituents. If you are not a constituent living in Lincoln, you will need to contact your own MP. You can confirm the identity of your MP by following this link: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Please note that we no longer respond to mass email campaigns initiated by organisations such as 38 Degrees. However, please be rest assured that your email will be read and noted.

The Crux of the Matter……

Karl McCartney MP has shown complete disregard and disrespect for the people he is paid a substantial amount of money to represent. He considers 38 Degrees to be “a left-wing propaganda website”, and its subscribers; “Inarticulate and incapable of thinking for themselves”. The opinion of hundreds of people who bothered to click a link to express their concern to Karl makes that opinion worthless purely due to its source. Karl’s techno boys have found a way to send an automated reply that states they actively ignore emails initiated by 38 Degrees (who are named).

So that’s Karl McCartney’s views on important campaigns to save our NHS and proceed carefully with Fracking, to name just two. In taking this attitude he is dismissing the opinion of nearly 4 million people, 25,000 in his constituency.

I expect my MP to have his finger on the pulse and represent the views of the people he represents, not his own self-centred, bigoted agenda. I’m sure Japan International Tobacco doesn’t have their emails filtered…….

‘Don’t forget that a letter requires a written response and answers to the questions asked. You can write to Karl McCartney MP at: The House of Commons, London. SW1A 0AA. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear from you…….


The Dripping Tap…….

Happy F**king New Year from Karl McCartney MP……

19 Jan

‘Lincoln’s notoriously foul mouthed MP, Karl McCartney, had the audacity to send me this thinly disguised election propaganda leaflet, wishing me a ‘happy and prosperous New Year……’

To say it is audacious is an understatement. Any readers who are familiar with the correspondence I’ve had with Mr McCartney will understand my annoyance. You can follow the story and far right opinions of this Tory bigot by searching “Karl McCartney MP” in the top right of this page.


by Karl McCartney


Suffice to say Mr McCartney made his feelings perfectly clear the last time I had cause to contact him. He refused to communicate with me unless I removed the ‘derogatory’ comments I had made in this blog. Shortly afterwards he was officially warned by IPSA regarding the insulting comments he made in emails to their staff; suffering the embarrassment of making a parliamentary apology. Still, when you’re desperate for votes you’ll try anything……

What has Karl done for Lincoln……?

As far as I able to tell from monitoring Karl McCartney’s activities; nothing. His record on job creation is good; if you’re his wife. She landed a £40k/py job as his part-time Constituency Secretary. He’s had nice days out at the expense of Japan InternationalJapan-Tobacco-logo Tobacco; a cause close to Karl’s heart and not in any way designed to influence his parliamentary vote on tobacco advertising or packaging. There’s not a whole lot to report really. He’s jumped on the predictable bandwagon of the eastern bypass which has been imminent since the 1970s and the renewable energy bus, which stops in Lincolnshire by a pure quirk of geographical convenience.

So, when you read this Karl it’ll come as no surprise how I feel. The only person I know who has done well over the last 5 years is you, your wife and your businesses.

38 DegreesI feel I should point out that the “self-obsessed, extreme left wing propaganda website”, 38 Degrees, who you accuse of thinking for your constituents, as they are too inarticulate to express their own views, has a larger membership in your constituency than your majority and I would be careful whom I insult in the future……

Somehow I feel your ‘Happy New Year’ could soon be coming to an abrupt end in May but at least you’ll have the one year salary handshake to get by on till you can find another job more suited to your bullish lack of personality and absence of manners……

Kind regards from a politically unrepresented and, therefore, stateless blogger

The Dripping Tap……


A Review of 2014……

31 Dec


‘Thank you to all of my readers during 2014…  Below is an automated summary generated by WordPress…  More to come in 2015…  Bringing you the truth behind the ‘commercial medias’ headlines…..’


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog:

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.


Click here to see the complete report.

Ebola – Epidemics and Academics……

19 Nov

‘Epidemics have the potential to spread around the world killing millions. In 1918 a Flu pandemic infected 500 million people, killing 100 million. Cholera still infects 3 to 5 million people every year. So how much of a threat is Ebola to western nations and how many of us could die…..?’

Ebola is a cruel disease on many levels. Due to the highly infectiousEbola_Virus nature of Ebola the dying are denied the comfort of human contact in their final hours. With affected areas only 24 hours travel from almost anywhere in the world, what are the chances that Ebola could become a pandemic and kill thousands or possibly millions…..?

Estimates of the eventual death toll vary hugely and they are not just ‘stab in the dark’ best guesses. They come from well established models by Epidemiologists but how accurate are they and why do the figures quoted differ so much? Like all predictive models they rely on many variables and the more variables, the more room for errors. For an example; weather forecasts rely on thousands of measurements ranging from hi tech satellite data to simple daily rainfall and temperature measurements; some collected automatically, some by a dedicated army of volunteers. All of the data is then input into one of the most powerful computers in the UK and a forecast is produced. So why do they always seem to get it wrong? Despite the computing power and the accuracy of the models, the shear number of variables make the algorithms extremely complicated, leading to errors.

Ebola_Victim_01Fortunately, modeling the potential spread of Ebola has fewer variables which should mean the predictions are more accurate, so why do the experts opinions vary widely? Epidemiology is well studied and founded on past and current models built upon data collected during and after outbreaks of infectious diseases. In theory having fewer variables requires a less complicated algorithm, so what is having such a major effect on the predicted outcomes? The answer is the degree and urgency of the intervention.

Estimates of the death toll caused by Ebola vary from 700,000 in 2016 as the outbreak ends (confined to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone), to as many as 12 million (unconfined and on an unknown timescale). This is where the speed and scale of the response matters so much. If the action taken by charities, governments and is rapid and proportionate, there could be a reasonably swift resolution. If, however, the response is too slow, the outbreak will spread to neighboring countries as fear increases and has the potential to reach previously unaffected areas, requiring a much greater effort to contain and eradicate it.

The current situation is beginning to stablize but unless the promises of help don’t arrive soon, we could be facing a very different outcome.

To end on a political note, in comparison, when wars begin we seem able to arrange huge logistical operations at the drop of a hat. In West Africa the body count started to mount months ago but the response has only just begun. Only time will tell if it is too little, too late……