9/11 – Mission Accomplished……

11 Sep

It’s now been 17 years since 19 hijackers boarded four commercial aircraft, flying one into the Pentagon, one into each of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre and one into a field in Pensilvania. That’s still the official version and despite increasing public dissatisfaction and mounting evidence to the contrary, they’re sticking to it……’

Conspiracy Theorists have, apparently, cobbled together their own version of what they think happened. Unfortunately, due to some of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories on the World Wide Web, many completely unrelated to 9/11, the tightly controlled ‘free press’ label any ‘conspiracy theorist’ a deluded crackpot; insinuating that any challenge made to the official story is some ludicrous concoction dreamt up by crazy people, (which admittedly some are). However, there are large groups of professionals including pilots, physicists, engineers, ex-military/CIA/NSA operatives, architects, demolition experts and hundreds of thousands of others with the ability to reason, who are neither ‘crackpots’, ‘crazy’ or ‘deluded’ and have perfectly valid questions. If you’re obsessive enough and cross check details applying the scientific method I can say with 100 percent certainty is that the official story is simply not true. When FOI requests or questions are asked, no explanation is given, are hidden for ‘security purposes’, though it’s never clear whose security, or dismissed under the ‘conspiracy theorist’ banner. History is, however, littered with documented, proven False Flag ‘terrorist’ attacks such as the burning of the Reichstag building, attributed to an unemployed Dutch brick layer who just happened to be nearby and used by Hitler’s propaganda machine as proof of a Communist threat to push through draconian legislation. Sound familiar? Google ‘False Flag terrorist attacks’ and you’ll find hundreds of examples (Mostly executed by the U.S.)…

Small things add up, or don’t. For example, in the immediate aftermath Bush, Rice, Cheney and many other top officials all publicly stated that they had absolutely no incline ‘terrorists’ might use commercial aircraft as flying suicide bombs and that they had “no warnings”. Both statements which have been proven to be untrue. They ran scenarios where planes were used, even featuring an image of the WTC in crosshairs on the cover of one such ‘war game’ document and a model of the Pentagon in another. Several agents from the seemingly endless Defence Department offshoots provided evidence that they were tracking some of the alleged hijackers but were blocked from above (a possible scenario is the ‘patsy’ hijackers were operatives being manipulated into thinking they were taking part in an exercise or real Jihadi terrorist but both under the control of …..?) The 9/11 Commission Report failed to mention where the funding for such an operation came from, claiming it was “of little practical significance” despite a wire transfer of $100,000 being made to Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker, by the head of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, the I.S.I. only 24hrs before the ‘attacks’. And the report made no mention of WTC Building 7 whatsoever? It is a little known fact that most footage of 9/11 has never been shown on US TV since that day; apparently the public found it too distressing. And in all probability so that some of the infamous quotes made by TV anchors were forgotten, eg: “Anyone who has ever seen a building brought down by controlled demolition knows that to make it to happen you first have to get to the underlying structure”. Another stating that “We heard multiple explosions just before
the tower fell and we ran for our lives”. G. W. Bush once claimed to have seen the first tower hit when it was shown to him after he finished his story. There is only one known piece of footage that only came to light 24hrs later. I could go on…

Larry Silverstein the lease holder of the entire WTC complex re-evaluated his insurance policy in the months prior to 9/11, not only massively increasing the value of the policy but also including a ‘terrorism’ clause should anything untoward happen. He hit the jackpot on 9/11, claiming each event as a separate attack and receiving a double payout. He also made some very odd statements when being interviewed afterwards, which I’ll cover in the next paragraph. Several people were warned not to fly and profits gained from ‘put’ options on United and American Airlines stock value falling (which was trading at 5 times the average daily levels), are still sitting in German banks, unclaimed…

WTC Building 7 also known as the Solomon Brothers Building is seen by many as the ‘smoking gun’ of 9/11. Building 7 was a 47 story steel framed skyscraper which stood one blrck to the north of the main WTC complex. Alone it would have been the tallest building in 33 States. Finished in 1983 it contained; The Emergency Management Centre (‘Giuliani’s Bunker’, unused on 9/11), the Securities & Exchange Commission, the field offices of both the CIA & FBI, & others. Security was tight & access restricted. Unbelievably, a large percentage of US citizens didn’t even know it collapsed on the afternoon of 9/11 approximately 5 hours after the Twin Towers and which was strangely reported 20 minutes before it happened by news anchors in New York whilst still pictured standing in full view of the cameras. It was at that moment that channels lost their satellite links. It underwent a global collapse at near free fall speed straight through its own centre, ending up in a pile, outer walls folded inwards causing no damage to buildings on the other side of the street even though buildings closer to ‘ground zero’ suffered much more damage and survived. Which brings me back to Mr Silverstein. In interview he said, “There had already been such terrible loss of life that the decision was made to ‘pull it’ [WTC 7], so that’s what we did”. ‘Pull it’ is a phrase almost exclusively used by demolition experts. It may not be absolute proof of prior knowledge but as has been pointed out if the decision was taken to pull it, then the preparations had to have been made months in advance, not in 5 hours. WTC 7 was not hit by an aircraft and had a few small fires on several floors but nothing which could explain a synchronised global collapse…


WTC 7 Undergoing Global Collapse

You Can’t Argue with Science unless you happen to be one of the Government owned/funded labs, who all came to the same miraculous conclusions regarding the whys & hows of 9/11. There is simply too much evidence to cover in this article but there are basic pieces of secondary school Newtonian Mechanics that should tell you something simply doesn’t add up. Let’s take ‘pancake theory’ as it became known. This is where one of the Towers, weakened by stress from fires, gave way after only 50 minutes & fell onto the floor below initiating the global collapse, all the way to the ground, floor by floor encountering more than 70 plus completely undamaged floors on the way. Even if this were remotely possible apply Newton’s 3rd law which simplified says “every action has an equal & opposite reaction”. So, as the floor above hits the floor below, the lower floor pushes up in response to being pushed down. Now, even if there was enough energy to sustain this ‘pancake effect’, there would have been a considerable delay as each floor dissipated it’s upward energy. Times this by 70 plus floors and factor in a unrealistically tiny 0.5 second delay per floor and the towers would have taken over 35 seconds to collapse. They collapsed in 12/14 seconds; the same time it would take a billiard ball with only wind resistance to fall the same distance. Plus as Newton discovered in his orchard, Gravity pulls at 90 degrees perpendicular to the Earth and cannot explain how 30 ton sections of steel were thrown 200-400 feet laterally. In the entire history of skyscrapers only three have ever collapsed due to fire; WTC Buildings 1,2 & 7. Skyscrapers have burnt for over 24 hours before & still never collapsed…

On the day of 9/11 I, like millions of others, watched it ‘live’. The very first thing to strike me as odd was the almost ‘Roadrunner’ nature of the hole left by the first plane. There it was, a cardboard cutout of an aircraft, wingtip to wingtip, engines and all. Now, I don’t mean to scare regular air travellers but planes are actually pretty flimsy. We’re told that they hit at almost 500 mph. When an Aluminium aircraft hits massive steel I beams set at 17 inch centres, there is no way the wing tips will destroy the steel beams. If you watch the footage in very slow motion the outline seems to appear as the jet fuel burns off. Turn Newton’s 3rd law on it’s head and imagine swinging one single I beam at a stationary aircrafts wing at 500mph. Would you be left with an intact wing & broken I beam or visa versa..?

The evidence is out there regardless of how secretive the establishment remain. Professor Stephen Jones of BYU has produced indisputable evidence of the presence of Nano-Thermate, a military grade explosive, in the toxic dust (See images at top).  It is fine enough to be added to paint and won’t explode until an ignition source is used. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth (2000 of them) dispute the official narrative & Pilots for 9/11 truth (again numbering in the thousands) including Top Gun & Commercial Pilots say the manoeuvres were simply impossible; aptly demonstrated in a flight simulator by John Lear of Learjet fame, who tried and failed to hit the targets hundreds of times, succeeding only once..?

All of this information is available online and on YouTube. Ask questions and demand answers…

9/11 was effectively part of a conspiracy that led to War Crimes and it’s time someone paid for their actions…

This article is dedicated to all of those directly affected on the day. The heroes involved in the clean up, whose deaths now outnumber those killed in the Towers due to lung disease as a result of toxic dust. The Soldiers who died fighting phoney wars and the millions of dead and displaced nameless families from far away places……


To Be Continued……


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  1. Mork September 15, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    “To be continued”,bout right that is buddy ,well written (mork)

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