9/11 – A Sad Day for Humanity…..

11 Sep

‘So, here we are again, people all over the world are still suffering the pain of bereavement of what happened on September 11th 2001…….’911-truth-150x150

I could, alongside all the Pilots, Structural Engineers, Physicists and ex-Military Ordinance Experts, explain their concerns but I won’t, suffice to state the fact that steel framed skyscrapers do not collapse in neat symmetrical piles……

I thought I’d dedicate this post to the victims of the ‘War of Terror’ and the thousands now displaced and suffering as a direct result of the carefully orchestrated plan.

My sympathies do go out to families of soldiers on all sides. Even though I personally would never dream of joining a military service and can respect those that do. It’s just they weren’t to know, they were never told of the pernicious intent of the Military Industrial Complex and just how all-consuming it­­­ was to become.­­­­­­­…..

Dying by Numbers……

To give a little perspective on the enormity of the casualty list, here are just some of the numbers, and don’t forget initially this was a search for just one man.

  • Since 2001 an official total of 91,000 people have lost their lives in Afghanistan. This figure is closer to 360,000 according to some independent reports. The sizable difference is due to the way statistics are recorded. The 91,000 figure is derived from conflict casualties…
  • Operations inside Pakistan, some of which have been undertaken without diplomatic agreement, have been estimated to have killed up to 50,000…
  • The death toll in Iraq is thought to be 500,000, many of which have happened since Mr. Bush proudly declared victory…

Add in the victims of 9/11 which are still increasing as emergency service personnel fall prey to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and a whole host of unexplained diseases and 9/11 has cost over 1,000,000 lives. Not forgetting the millions who have been displaced and their homes and lives destroyed……

Another Victim of 9/11

Another Victim of 9/11

Of course for every negative there is usually a positive. In this case the complete destabilisation of The Middle East, Africa and Asia which is great for business if you happen to run a private security firm or supply the Armed Forces with supplies and munitions. The Military Industrial Complex is one of the world’s most profitable industries and many of the others benefit from it……

When we took the step of assassinating two British citizens using drones in a country with who we are not at war we are setting a very dangerous precedent. It is not the ‘War on Terror’ that we have to fear; it as the behaviour of our Government who act with impunity……




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