Immigration – Smoke, Mirrors and Outright Lies……

9 Sep

‘The debate about immigration is, like all things political, spun in such a way as to hide the reality and confuse the public’s perception……’

Migrants fall into specific groups, most of whom are perfectly entitled to be here. Anybody living within the European Union (EU) is free to live and work anywhere else within the EU, including ourselves. Those who come from outside the EU can live and work here provided they meet certain criteria or who are invited here; most notably healthcare workers without whom the NHS would simply collapse. Those who are married to a UK resident. An overseas parent with a child who is resident here also has certain legal rights allowing them to live here. This is supported by Human Rights law which considers the right to a family life fundamental and universal. However, this does not automatically allow the non UK national the right to work. There is also an international agreement on those seeking asylum, which was agreed up after the atrocities committed during World War II. It is estimated that 3m people were relocated during WWII……

The parents that put their children in a boat must fear the land more. What would you do. Wait for the bombs to drop on you or get your family to safety? No contest……

Do we not have an obligation as members of the Human race to offer the hand of friendship? These people had lives, jobs, businesses, families and security, just like you until America and the UK got involved in the warmongering after 9/11; but that’s a post for the near future. As for the ‘slam the door shut’ advocates; if every country did it we’d be end up with a net increase in population and asylum seekers represent a small number of the total figures that are always quoted……

Don’t believe the hype…… If we can afford Trident nuclear missiles……


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