The Threat from Radicalisation……

21 Jun

‘The ‘War on Terror’ is still in the headlines pretty much every day; maybe every other day, but it’s always there. It’s relentless and gives the impression that we are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of a ‘terrorist’ attack at any moment. Just how realistic is the vision of terrorism that is being portrayed in the media…..?’

We are living in what is effectively a police state; a country at war that has contingencies for ‘Continuity of Government’ and where human rights have become opaque. Anybody can be arrested on charges relating to terrorism, sound in the knowledge that we uphold the basic rights of someone who enters the justice system, only to discover that you have none of the fundamental rights awarded to ‘normal’ criminals. We know that our Government has already been complicit in ‘extraordinary rendition’, lying to the public (Iraq) and imprisoning people without due process for years in some cases and on the say so of Ministers, not Judges. If they say you’re a terrorist, you’re a terrorist and human rights go out of the equation.  With the Snowden leak, there is video of innocent bystanders being gunned down and the use of drones to ‘take out’ key players, without any judicial process and in another country’s sovereign territory, which could be considered an act of war……

Death_01We have to get some perspective on things. The buzz word of the moment is ‘radicalisation’. If you take a step back 15 years, we were complicit in destroying Iraq’s infrastructure and causing the deaths of up to one million Iraqi civilians. All based on proven lies. And who’s been charged in The Hague by the International Criminal Court; nobody. Then we did the same to Afghanistan, supposedly to look for Bin Laden.

If you were five when 9/11 happened and you have constantly heard about ‘Muslim Extremists’. This message has been re-enforced by media rhetoric persistently. Out here in the real world we also know what kids are like. They can be incredibly cruel about differences and you are not telling me that Muslim pupils haven’t been called ‘terrorist’ or ‘I bet you’re in al Qaida’. It’s very sad that a lot of pupils don’t report these racist incidents.

Given the ‘right’ circumstances somebody could easily be influenced but, it isn’t as black and white as it may appear.  The churches’ psychological tricks of childhood indoctrination and complete deference to the deity are deeply engrained.  The generation of teenagers leaving school now. some will have always felt demonised by UK and US rhetoric.

U.S. Marines conduct a security patrol in the war-torn city of Falluja. REUTERS/handout

U.S. Marines conduct a security patrol in the war-torn city of Falluja. REUTERS/handout

So what about the imminent threat we face each time we leave the house. Attacks on individuals are abhorrent and carried out by psychopaths. Thankfully, they are incredibly rare and I do not want to detract  from the good work that our security services do. They have all the laws required to deal with them without turning to the ‘enhanced’ methods, which used to be called torture before being redefined by our allies, the United States of America; a fundamental Christian society. The ‘loan wolves’ acting completely independently are virtually unstoppable, but so is a bank robbery or a street theft. There are doubtless young adults in this country that see the world very differently to you and I but the threat they pose is infinitesimal.

The main and by far the most dangerous ‘extremists’ are our Government and its ‘special’ relationship with the USA. With the help of the media they provide the fuel which all terrorist need; exposure.

The reasons for radicalisation are complex and the foreign policies, historical and current, have certainly had a part to play in the mess that persists in the Middle East which is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. But in reality you have more chance of winning the lottery than being involved in a terrorist incident……

We need to remove religion from radicalisation and take a close look at foreign policy.  Admittedly, religion plays a roll in the particular brand of radicalisation we hear about in the media but foreign policy and rhetoric have certainly played their part too……

Personally, I fear western governments and foreign policy more the ISIS/ISL/IS……



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