Richard Heath & Robin Heath: Synchronicity of the Earth’s Rotation with the Moon’s Orbital Cycles and Solar Year

15 May

I found this article interesting…. Hope you do too….

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Following up the post on eclipse prediction and Stonehenge yesterday, Stuart ‘oldbrew’ flagged up this unpublished paper by Richard Heath and Robin Heath he found on the wayback machine. This raises very interesting questions about the precession of the equinox and the rate of Earth’s rotation.

This document was prepared by Richard Heath as a letter for Nature magazine and submitted on 14th April 1994 but remained unpublished. For readers of the Matrix of Creation (2nd ed, Inner Traditions Press, 2004) it marks the discovery of a unit of time proposed and named the Chronon, as being 1/10000th of the Moon’s orbit and also the difference between the sidereal and tropical day of the Earth. The paper also documents a discovery made, with Robin Heath, later to be documented in his books: that one can divide up the solar year by its excess over the eclipse year to reveal…

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