The Seductive Simplicity of Certainty……

22 Feb

And still nothing has changed….

A Dripping Tap's Blog

As the balance shifts ever further toward taking an early exit from what is laughably called ‘a life’, I am yet again contemplating the age old philosophical question of the purpose of existence.  If I was not a confirmed atheist I could put the blame for my shortcomings firmly at the door of a divine creator.  After all, if my existence is a part of the big plan of an intelligent designer, then all of my mistakes were laid out for me to make before I was born.  If, however, my instinct and reasoning that I am here as the result of an enormous string of improbable events is correct and there is no ‘god’, then I am the result of my own bad choices and, arguably, nurturing.  In the same way that someone of religious persuasion can find a reason to rejoice at their existence, I could blindly consider…

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