Happy F**king New Year from Karl McCartney MP……

19 Jan

‘Lincoln’s notoriously foul mouthed MP, Karl McCartney, had the audacity to send me this thinly disguised election propaganda leaflet, wishing me a ‘happy and prosperous New Year……’

To say it is audacious is an understatement. Any readers who are familiar with the correspondence I’ve had with Mr McCartney will understand my annoyance. You can follow the story and far right opinions of this Tory bigot by searching “Karl McCartney MP” in the top right of this page.


by Karl McCartney


Suffice to say Mr McCartney made his feelings perfectly clear the last time I had cause to contact him. He refused to communicate with me unless I removed the ‘derogatory’ comments I had made in this blog. Shortly afterwards he was officially warned by IPSA regarding the insulting comments he made in emails to their staff; suffering the embarrassment of making a parliamentary apology. Still, when you’re desperate for votes you’ll try anything……

What has Karl done for Lincoln……?

As far as I able to tell from monitoring Karl McCartney’s activities; nothing. His record on job creation is good; if you’re his wife. She landed a £40k/py job as his part-time Constituency Secretary. He’s had nice days out at the expense of Japan InternationalJapan-Tobacco-logo Tobacco; a cause close to Karl’s heart and not in any way designed to influence his parliamentary vote on tobacco advertising or packaging. There’s not a whole lot to report really. He’s jumped on the predictable bandwagon of the eastern bypass which has been imminent since the 1970s and the renewable energy bus, which stops in Lincolnshire by a pure quirk of geographical convenience.

So, when you read this Karl it’ll come as no surprise how I feel. The only person I know who has done well over the last 5 years is you, your wife and your businesses.

38 DegreesI feel I should point out that the “self-obsessed, extreme left wing propaganda website”, 38 Degrees, who you accuse of thinking for your constituents, as they are too inarticulate to express their own views, has a larger membership in your constituency than your majority and I would be careful whom I insult in the future……

Somehow I feel your ‘Happy New Year’ could soon be coming to an abrupt end in May but at least you’ll have the one year salary handshake to get by on till you can find another job more suited to your bullish lack of personality and absence of manners……

Kind regards from a politically unrepresented and, therefore, stateless blogger

The Dripping Tap……



2 Responses to “Happy F**king New Year from Karl McCartney MP……”

  1. Ace.paul January 24, 2015 at 11:39 am #

    That’s unfair I never got an Xmas card off mr mcartney, I often send him genuine valid emails, but he never replys to me.

    Two of my friends got Xmas card off lincoln Conservative party, they both gave them to me.

    As for mr mcartney ‘assistant’ “Mel Barrat” obnoxious crettin. I emailed him/her/it reference network rail closing spa street crossing, One used by lots of folks a day, wants my address!!! Refused to pass my comments on!!

    So now crossing shut forever making cyclists get cars on wrong side of road on Napier street! Thanks Mr McKnobber for your help!

    I do think “Mel” is a fictious person, never mentioned any where.

    Can you tell me if Mr McKnobber uses that website “Two faced book” I can’t access it.

  2. Ace.paul February 24, 2015 at 8:24 pm #

    Hey you seen McKnobber “vote for me” van?

    VW Van from way back, hope it has a cat converter on it and runs on unleaded!

    Bet his great great grand parents would be ‘pleased’ to see him in it

    Hopefully he still has it for when the Lancaster memorail on canwick hill opens
    He can take the veterans up/down the hill in it.

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