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11 Dec

‘Special Post – Music is the theme tune to our lives but what if that life suddenly changed……’


Music Therapy is available on the NHS but it is very limited predominantly due to costs. Homeopathy receives more funding even though it has been proven to act only as a placebo. In the increasing privatisation by stealth of the NHS the funding will only go down. The areas in which it proves most useful receive proportionately higher spending cuts than other treatments.


What is Music Therapy?

As its name suggests it is a method of delivering beneficial therapy to many groups, often subconsciously. Music is the soundtrack of our lives and we recall events when we hear a song or piece of music that was pertinent to a particular time. The number one single when you met your future wife, had your first kiss or the holiday resort you stayed at when the same tune was played over and over in your favourite bar. So, what makes it such a valuable tool in therapy?


Groups for Whom Music Therapy is Beneficial

Children and adults with physical or learning disabilities:

Music Therapy is inclusive and can benefit both groups. They enjoy singing and playing percussive instruments. For example: using a simple song with repetitive verses makes it easy for non-readers to learn very quickly. For example; I have used “If I had a Hammer” because it can be conveyed in simple diagrams. What do we do with hammers? We hammer. When? In the morning, then in the evening and

everywhere. The simple formula moves on to a bell which we ring; again in the morning etc. This can be easily adapted for people who may not be able to sing or bang percussive instruments. This is done with movement. If I had a wheelchair I’d spin around in the morning etc. The art is to adapt to the needs of the people you are working with. Subconsciously, reading skills are improved, co-ordination skills improve and most rewarding of all are the smiles and laughter Music Therapy can bring……


Elderly people and those with dementia:

As previously mentioned, music is strongly connected to memory. Here is a lovely story from a friend who sadly lost their Mum to Alzheimer’s disease. Long after Mum no longer recognised her own relatives they would take a CD player and play her favourite tunes. She would dance with a smile always present. I cannot begin to imagine how frightening it must be to not know where you are or who the strangers that help you to dress are, but the comfort the family and Mum got are incalculable and again linked to the soundtrack of her life……


Hospice care:

To have a child with an incurable illness in the latter stages of life is simply heart breaking. If that terrible period is remembered with the most happiness achievable, once the numbness and grief gets easier, it is a gift that is worth more than all the material wealth in the world. If I can re-write a favourite song to include that child’s name or, better still, asks an artist to record a personal message, a happy memory of a sad time may help, just a little……


Making it Happen……

I have experience in Music Therapy which fell by the wayside many years ago when dreams of fame and fortune took over. Since then I have endured some difficulties of my own from which I am thankfully recovering. I have re-evaluated what is important to me and what is unnecessary ‘globalised consumerism’, reaching the conclusion that happiness is not linked to the size of your house or your new car. Happiness can be found in our humanity; something we are losing as we live in an homogenous iPhone bubble……

Imagine yourself, as best you can, in one of the situations laid out above. Suddenly a smile or laughter has much more meaning. I am doing this voluntarily but I need your help. A portable electric piano and a few percussion instruments is all I need. Cost? Around £200 to £250. It’s a drop in the ocean if one or two pounds, or the odd change in PayPal accounts comes from many small donations. Open accounts will be kept and if more is raised than is needed, it will be given back equally to anyone who makes a donation……

Please help if you can.

My PayPal account is –

My friends will happily pass on any cash donations


Vishnu Video Productions will be following the story and including it in the “Made in Lincoln UK” magazine program on YouTube……

Thank you

Steve Walker – The Dripping Tap……



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