Crowd Funding – A Call for Help…….

28 Nov

Dear readers, my political persuasions are well known. What is less well know is the history of my earlier life.  I began to play the piano aged 7 and was pretty accomplished by the time I left school.  I used to teach kids with learning difficulties voluntarily at my old school and it was one of the most rewarding periods of my life.  A class of 25/30 kids who were uncontrollabe in traditional lessons became totally different in music lessons. We sang songs and they banged away on percussion.  Without them realising they were helped in their reading skills and co-ordination. They loved it and I felt great to bring some light into otherwise difficult lives.  The school had a ‘special unit’, separating them and leaving them open to teasing by marking them out as different; and we all know how cruel kids can be……

Life overtook me and the big old piano had to go.  It was 1985 and synthesisers were the new thing.  I carried on music ‘professionally’ but never hit the big time or made any money……

Then there was an interlude and I guess I had a nervous breakdown, went off the rails and ended up crawling back to the family home with nothing other than the clothes on my back.  Since then I’ve recovered but have an empty isolated gap in my life……

With a bit of practice I can become proficient and want to carry on where I left off so long ago.  But the long and short of it is I need equipment.  Portable electronic pianos can be picked up for around £200.  That’s where you come in.  If my readers and Facebook friends donate £2.00 each I can rebuild that dream, not only helping kids but helping put my own mental health in a better place……

If you can help I’d be forever grateful and so will dozens of kids who aren’t as lucky as you and me……

Ok, it’s a shameless ask but what’s £2.00 now; not even a tube of Pringles (other stacking crisps are available!)……

Your help is gratefully received and regular updates given….

Thank you, Steve……

To use PayPal my email is –



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