Born Into the World of Terrorism……

27 Nov

‘The indoctrination of children into religion has never been such an important issue……’

In the 20th and 21st century science has given us overwhelming proof that ‘God’ was, and still is, the first and worst explanation for the existence of the Universe. In every area from traditional science to new techniques in analysing text, ‘holy’ books have been discredited. Unfortunately, this has failed to end religion which means the problem of indoctrinating children continues unabated. The very idea of indoctrinating a child is in my opinion abhorrent and is no different to a paedophile’s grooming. Children have the capacity to learn at an astonishing rate; it’s evolution’s answer to survival; hijacked by religion……

Since 9/11 a whole generation have been raised during the purported ‘war on terror’ and the sound of gunfire has become the lullaby they hear as they try to sleep. Their nightmares must be unimaginably horrific. The seemingly arbitrary nature of who is attacked simply adds to the problem. Let’s pretend that 9/11 happened according to the official narrative. A Saudi planned and paid for it; Saudis carried it out. But Afghans and Iraqis bore the brunt of Americas’ retaliation. The search for one man cost 750,000 innocent lives and displaced millions of others. Suddenly it is not so hard to see how radicalisation can happen……

Jessey Creesey

Jessey Creesey

Religious education shouldn’t even be a lesson. We don’t teach Alchemy, Creationism or Voodoo so why are we teaching our children religious nonsense. It serves no useful purpose in seeking employment and perpetuates division. You can knock the cultural differences and inequality of Islam but bombing the fuck out of a selected few because of a fanatical minority is not productive, unless you happen to profit from the Military Industrial Complex. Saudis jail women for driving, beat them for being with a man they are not related to, stone people to death and behead people; the very behaviour condemned when ISIS/ISL/IS do it. The plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis is another example. So why aren’t the bombs falling on the Saudis and Israelis; the same reason, money……

This selective ‘war on terror’ will never stop until the radicalised Christian fundamentalists take a good look in the hypocritical mirror. But that’s the idea, ‘a war without end’ as the neo-cons call it and the radicalised Muslims are a convenient tool to perpetuate the scaremongering…..

I’m ashamed to be British. For that matter, I’m ashamed to be a Human Being……



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