Computers Don’t Have Feelings……

15 Nov

Computers do a wonderful job of adding up & the practical offshoots of that ability, but they are unemotional & dehumanise friendships. I must have 50 friends who I know personally, not just ‘friends’ I’ve competitively collected but, there are only 2 whoever bother to call me. This couldn’t be more clearly demonstrated than when I posted a rant & people thought I was going to kill myself. How many friends called me? One; & that was only because after a lot of private messages between my friends that someone asked ‘If you’re that worried call him’, which only goes to prove my point. If a picture paints a thousand words a conversation is worth more than all the text, emails & Facebook messages put together… When did you last call your friend, just to say ‘Hi, how are you’…?




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