And That About Wraps it up for God…….

6 Oct

Just in case anybody still thinks ‘God’ created the universe…..

A Dripping Tap's Blog

‘You have to wonder how mankind made through the first 100,000 years of evolution before ‘God’ appeared on the scene to help us manage the next 2,000 years or so.  How did Moses and his posse make to Mount Sinai whilst raping, pillaging and murdering before ‘God’gave Moses the tablets with the instructions on them’……

If ever there was a more sadistic, twisted character in all of fiction ‘God’ takes some beating.  Hannibal Lecter makes ‘God’ look like Ronald MacDonald.

Before we explore some of ‘God’s’ wise words of wisdom lets take a look at how the confidence trick has been pulled off for so long?

It started with the establishment of authority by using the ability to perform magic tricks, giving the appearance that ‘God’ really is up there watching.  This goes back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who had scholars with knowledge of how the ‘Heavens’

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