See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil……

4 Jun

The victims of Jimmy Savile have now reached over 500 people, makingSavile_Grim him the most prolific paedophile that this country has ever known.  With each new revelation in the media it becomes more and more apparent that this manipulative deviant managed to operate for 50 years without detection.  This is the hardest part to understand, bearing in mind the number of police investigations and anecdotal stories that have come to light.  With so many people expressing their concern at the time, surely those who knew about Savile must have crossed paths and, one would assume, an exponentially increasing catalogue of his behaviour would have accumulated becoming widely talked about within charities, the NHS and the BBC.

The proponents of this accumulated information may not have felt that they could approach someone in authority; partly due to a lack of hard evidence or because they felt it may harm their career prospects, attacking a celebrity icon in the zeitgeist of that era, but surely someone would have been compelled to ‘out’ him by catching him in the act.  This doesn’t seem like something that would have been hard to do based on the stories that are surfacing now.

It is a tragic thought that some lone individual, or worse a cabal of executives high up in the BBC may have chosen not to actively pursueSecrecy_Shhh Savile instead turning a blind eye.  At that time Savile’s audience was akin to that of Coronation Street back in the days when we only had 3 channels to watch.  Could it be that the ‘yes’ men allowed it to happen in the same way the ‘yes’ men allowed Michael Jackson to share his bed with prepubesent boys.  A case of not shooting the goose that laid the golden egg.  It’s almost too twisted to imagine it happening but we have all seen the product of greed; it surrounds us every day……

All of this is pure speculation but it strikes me as extremely unlikey that such a prolific paedophile wasn’t ever caught in the act.  With reference to the victims who did come forward at the time, they will have lived through their distress three times.  The whole affair seems to have sex offenders crawling out from the celebrity woodwork.  Stuart Hall from ‘It’s a Cock Out’ and Rolf Harris putting his Digery Doo where you Digery don’t……

Although completely unrelated but only one rung down from Savile are the seemingly immune politicians who steal from the public purse to the police officers who felt the need to shoot John Charles de Menenez in the head seven times, kill bystanders at protest marches and all get off scot free.

Some people would sell their own grandmother’s organs if they thought it would make them wealthier, so I wouldn’t put it past the BBC executives to have protected their main asset.  Given the bullets that those mentioned above have been able to dodge the ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ proverb could have contributed to Savile’s ability to act as he did.  If  that is the case, I don’t know how the people who chose to do nothing can sleep at night……


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