Could Social Media be the Answer to Broken Politics……

28 May

‘Social Media has found missing people, contributed to the  organistion of the ‘Arab Spring’ and even deprived Simon Cowell of his predictable Xmas #1.  So, can Social Media bring down our broken and corrupt political system…….?’

FaceBook connects us all following the ‘six degrees of separation’ rule.  Friends of people who know you are friends of others who don’t but we are all pretty much connected and going ‘viral’ takes no time at all……

It would be simple to create a ‘Peoples’ Party’ and, with a little commitment from the electorate, a landslide victory could easily achieved.  UKIP get a lot of flack over their perceived racist views and it’s not hard to see why.  However, I’m pretty sure that most people who voted for them are not racist, they are simply sick and tired of politicians evasive answers; it is interesting to note that all parties have immigration and welfare at the top of their agendas, so accusing UKIP of being racist is a bit rich to say the least and consider the NHS without foreign doctors……

I am not a politician and don’t have all the answers but what I do know is Portcullis_Logothat Special Advisers (SPADS) remain when governments’ change.   As soon as the ‘Peoples’ Party’ takes power cleaning up politics could start with the dismissal of the career SPADS, who guide newly elected officials and in doing so shape policy.  Accountability under a new system freed from the ‘old boy’ networking is plausible.  The details need to be flushed out but industry financed campaigns and lobbying would be outlawed, as would the second home allowance which would be repayable upon sale of an MP’s property if voted out of office…….

This country belongs to us and there is more than enough money to pay for public services, provided we don’t waste money on questionable foreign wars, fancy lunches and chauffeur driven cars.  The time has come to take it back.

Please feel free to get in touch and maybe together we can formulate a campaign and make a difference to our broken system……



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