The Government’s 0845 Scam…..

9 May

In January the Government quietly put out a press release concerning the extortionate practice of charging the public premium rates for essential services; services that those least able to afford need to use the most.  You will always get through, have to listen to a long and drawn out announcement regarding data protection, followed by a multitude of options only to find yourself on hold for half an hour.  It is not unusual for the person who answered to tell you you’d chosen the wrong option and, unable to transfer you, make you start the whole process again……

Many of those 0845 numbers have been replaced by 0345 numbers which are free in most cases but nothing has been done to publicise this fact.  I asked at the Jobcenter Plus and they claimed to have no knowlege of the new numbers……


For the benefit of those who are unfortunate enough to have to call the DWP regarding the benefits to which you are entitled, even though they portray you as scroungers and people who don’t want to work, I feel it is my duty to inform you of the new, free number……


Incidentally, the income from higher rate 0845 numbers is split between the provider and user, so all those hours you have spent listenning to Green Sleeves earned the Government thousands and thousands of Pounds……




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