5 Apr

The debate carries on; people continue to suffer……


People who find themselves in a position with only one prognosis, whether imminent or in the future, will doubtless be in turmoil. Their thoughts will be for their loved ones rather than for their own predicament, a measure of the bravery shown by many. However, nobody could possibly think less of them for looking inward and thinking about themselves and, those who really care, should, make that known. If they decide that they wish to end their suffering, any caring person who has thought deeply about euthanasia must surely agree with self determination, even if it is at odds with their own personal view or belief.

The person requesting euthanasia has most likely suffered enough.  But to be faced with lengthy legal proceedings, to ensure their loved ones are protected and their wishes are honoured, can only make a difficult and tragic situation even harder for all concerned.

The arguments that legalised euthanasia could leave vulnerable people at risk from some ‘sinister’ party with an interest in getting rid of them, should be immediately apparent to any court.  To deny clear cut cases carte blanch only inflicts further suffering and, I believe, insults the people who have given their request a great deal of contemplation and ask only that their wishes are respected and acted upon, more often than not with the full support of their families.

Legal euthanasia is clearly needed; demonstrated by the number of cases that reach the High Court.  There would not be a sudden tidal wave of people asking for euthanasia but, currently, for the people who have made this difficult choice, please let’s not prolong their suffering with legal nit picking and a parliament who act like a rabbit caught in the headlights whenever euthanasia is debated.

Euthanasia should be made legal and could be easily implemented, with safeguards put in place, ending peoples’ suffering.  Life is precious and euthanasia a difficult choice for anybody to make.

Our political representatives act with much less caution when deciding to wage unnecessary wars which murder thousands of innocent people, so a little more humanity is needed in the euthanasia debate.

Until such time arises and we catch up with countries like Switzerland, The Netherlands, Mexico and Ireland, if you feel strongly enough that you too would want to have self determination, search for and download an Advance Directive.  This will designate a proxy to carry out your wishes and stand as an advocate to your personal wishes, regardless of the inadequate legislation.

I have personal experience of a family member with a terminal illness and, although euthanasia would not have been their choice, faced with the same circumstance, It would have been mine……


The lengthy legal process started by the late Tony Nicklinson is still ongoing for other people with the support of Jane Nicklinson, whose love and bravery stands as a testament to difficult issues raised in this article……


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