Shares in the Planet Soon to hit Wall Street ……

3 Apr

I noticed the mainstream press have been bringing inner city pollution in UK cities under the spotlight.  To bring the figures within ‘safe’ limits the ‘expert’ on the news suggests we walk & cycle to work, tax diesel vehicles & turn off the lights when leaving a room.  If, & it’s a big if, global warming is totally man-made, the action being taken is akin to pissing on a forest fire. However, the ‘green’ taxes being levied on us all are massively disproportionate when making a comparison against the effect they are having in reducing CO2 emissions.


I did an astonishing complicated calculation on the back of a fag packet that just happened to be to hand and came upGreedy3 with the following conclusion: If we are paying taxes to combat CO2 emissions, Her Majesty’s Treasury will be distributing it amongst the myriad of measures put in place to that end. Of course monies allocated to the treasury are distributed as the Chancellor, Gideon Osborne, sees fit. Many of the measures put in place and the funds allocated to them are a dismal failure, such as the home insulation scheme and similar projects which have not been taken up by the public, leaving a surplus of cash which has doubtless been used to give the impression that the economy is performing far better than is apparent to most of us. Meanwhile, the ‘big six’ energy companies profits have quadrupled from £230 million in 2009 (when the recession began), to £1.2 billion in 2013.


The reason that all attempts to reduce the CO2 emissions have nothing whatsoever to do with climate change is because Global warming is an industry and industries have one objective; to return profits to shareholders, not to save the planet. A function which I’m sure it is achieving because if you happen to be Siemens, or for that matter any other of the multitude of companies offering to smear your roof with ugly, inefficient PV cells, the Government are positively throwing money in your direction.


Greedy2Finally, the figures for CO2 reduction laid out in the Kyoto agreement show our country to be 25% under the required quantities. This is nonsense at best and/or an accounting manipulation of the sort Lehman Brothers would be proud. The calculations for CO2 emissions fail to take into account the vast CO2 footprint created by imported goods on their journey from the far east, which by sea is somewhere around 8,000 miles (90% of UK imports arrive by sea). The same applies to the gas which we burn in power generation and domestically; again the CO2 from the journey is excluded. Another accounting trick is to remove CO2 in proportion to wind, water and privately generated PV electricity. But this is another deception. Because power stations cannot simply be turned on and off with the flick of a switch, even when green energy is being fed into the system, the gas and coal power stations continue to pump out CO2.


Politicians have done what politicians do, and do well; they have turned global warming into a business opportunity, taxing the public, rewarding the industries with tax breaks and dining out with the lobbyist at the best restaurants at Greedy1our expense. They have little, if any, interest in climate change and contrary to popular opinion there are many scientist who will not support the statement, ‘Global warming is man made’, because, like weather forecasting, the system is so complicated nobody knows for definite whether global warming is natural or partly assisted by man. Science is an evolving subject but it is, unfortunately, funded by governments so if you want that grant you are more likely to get it if you sign up…..


They don’t care about smoking, drugs or drinking

They don’t care about waging war on innocent people

They don’t care about starvation

They don’t care about human rights abuses, torture and dictators

They don’t care about you


They care about two things: money and themselves


They are worried about an uprising against their lies, that’s why they are ordering water canons




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