Big Brother – Beware……

18 Feb

The Care Data Project – A Snoopers Charter……BB_Eye_01

During these times of austerity our Government has announced its latest hugely expensive, unnecessary and intrusive IT project, which based on their track record will cost three times as much as has been budgeted for and not work……

The new database will include medical information collected from your GP and hospital records.  It is unclear if this a re-launch of a proposal made at the start of the coalition or something entirely unconnected.  But, like the last attempt, it is an ‘opt out’ rather than ‘opt in’ system.

nhs_logoThe proposed database is intended to improve patient outcomes and, although the data stored will be anonymous, it is not beyond the capability of hackers to trace its source.  It is unclear at this stage who will have legitimate access to the information stored and as we have learnt, it is not beyond major multinational companies to employ dubious and illegal methods to obtain whatever they need……

GPs have expressed concerns over the new database and although it is reported to be ‘anonymous’, the Police can access the database under certain circumstances; no specific details of what circumstances would warrant this……

The Pharmaceutical industry would also have access.big-brother-01

Cost Benefit Analysis……

In yet another disturbing story, the Government is pushing the BMA and NICE to apply a cost benefit analysis to the prescribing of some medications.  There has been talk of withholding medications from older people.  Although it may be beneficial for the patient, their contribution to society may not be as good as that of a younger man with the same condition.  It is almost as if they are regarding us as batteries……

‘Since writing this article is has become clear that this IT project is the one previously……’


The original article was entitled ’The Snoopers Charter (Cont’d)’ posted on 28 December……


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