Putin’s Olympic Shame……

13 Feb

The Olympic Charter……


‘The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play……’

The irony of the failure of the fifth Olympic Ring to light during the opening ceremony of the winter games wasn’t lost on me and the thousands of other people disgusted by Russia’s treatment of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender citizens.Olympics-Rings-Malfunction

In a sick game referred to as ‘hunting’, gangs of homophobic thugs, posing as LGBT through social media, lure their victims to a location and systematically abuse, humiliate and torture them.  They then post videos on YouTube which can lead to further attacks and the victims sometimes loosing their jobs.  The police pay little, if any, attention to the assaults causing many abuses to go unreported……

Olympic Athletes’ Protests……

Many would argue that a boycott of the event was appropriate, given the human rights abuses taking place in Russia.  However, the Olympic Games have a history of participants’ protesting and making their feelings known while the worlds’ media watches.  It would be nice to see this tradition carried on into the Sochi Games……

Past Protests……

In 1936 at the Berlin games which Hitler intended to prove Aryan supremacy, Jesse Owens, having already broken five world records in the previous year, won four Gold medals cheered on by German spectators to Hitler’s annoyance.

Traditionally, the organizers of the Olympics have not courted involvement in political issues. But in the case of South Africa’s apartheid, they took a stand. The Olympic Charter states that “any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on ground of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.”

OLYMPICS BLACK POWER SALUTEIn 1958, a movement began to exclude South Africa from competing in the Olympic Games because of the country’s policy ban on “interracial sport.” It took several years for the IOC to act, but beginning in 1964 South Africa was banned from participation in the global games.

In 1968 Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave the black power salute during the medal presentation ceremony.  They both held their black gloved hands aloft until the United States national anthem had finished.

Other athletes have protested at the inequalities different groups have faced at the Olympic Games and long may they continue……

Sochi 2014……

Rainbow_FlagIn light of the human rights abuses of LGBT and other liberal thinkers based in Russia, including journalist who fail to tow the party line, I hope that the rainbow flag can be seen waving in the crowds and that athletes interviewed for television take a stand against human rights abuses……



2 Responses to “Putin’s Olympic Shame……”

  1. home improvement ideas pictures June 6, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    Your syyle is unique compared to otyher people I have read stuff from.
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    • Steve Walker June 14, 2014 at 7:04 am #

      Thanks, it’s appreciated. I always try to cover issues that may not be headline news but affect us all. Our politicians are masters of avoiding questions and highlighting issues that are not so urgent. I’m writing a post about money in politics (still some research to do) and how there’s enough for all of us. I hope you enjoy it.
      The Dripping Tap

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