11 Dec

There cannot be a single person alive who hasn’t given a moment to think of Nelson Mandela, a rare human being

NELSON MANDELA 1918 - 2013

1918 – 2013

that had more cause than most to show antipathy and bitterness toward his enemies and their twisted ideas.  He didn’t……

None of us are able to know the innermost thoughts of Nelson Mandela, but from the day of his release he never spoke of revenge, restitution or redress; only truth, reconciliation and equality.  Whenever he met an ‘old adversary’ he would look them straight in the eye and treated them as an equal.   An action I don’t believe I would have been capable of.  He never challenged a policy of which they may have been an architect, nor did he question their reasoning.  The past was the past.  All he ever displayed was a warm smile and offer the hand of friendship.

Nothing more need be said of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, thankfully now relieved of his suffering.

I delayed the obituary until today because there was bound to be a surge of  opportunistic moments where heads of state posed for the media shaking hands erroneously with leaders whose names were being relayed to their security advisor to save them the embarrassment one feels at a cocktail party when left talking with some bint from ‘accounts’.  All claimed moral equality with Mandela, remembering with fondness the day he made the ‘long walk to freedom’, which my recollection was five hours of live outside broadcasting of a dirt road with two white gates at its end.

I wonder if Mandela would have been in agreement with American foreign policy?  Identify target over another sovereign territory; label him/her, a direct threat to the security of the homeland.  Engage with a Hellfire missile killing all in the vehicle and any bystanders.  I’m sure Mandela would have been in agreement over the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, where being outside of American jurist diction, it is okay to detain and torture political prisoners. ‘At least I had a trial’, he may have said in his softly spoken manner.  A white trial, in a white court, in a white controlled land, trying native Africans with white laws.

If only Mrs Thatcher had held on just a bit longer so she too could have joined in with the apocryphal celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life.  During apartheid she called Nelson Mandela a ‘terrorist’ and stated,’ We don’t do business with terrorists’.  She did sycophantically meet Mandela after his release and exchanged pleasantries.

The truth of the matter is that most native South Africans just about manage to scrape a living from the land, that is of course unless you happen to be in ‘the club’, skimming millions from charity donations and doing lucrative deals with the Chinese, mining rare earth minerals on ancient tribal land.  The Mandela Memorial was inevitable, as was the arrival of shallow politicians hoping to gain some credibility by their presence but the truth is, they fund and arm the ramshackle armies and conduct covert operations to stoke the fire.  And, not forgetting of course, depriving Africans’ of the infrastructure they so desperately need, all under the guise of keeping global warming in check.

I’m sad for Nelson Mandela and his friends and family but face the fact; nothing has changed in South Africa any more than it has for the rest of humanity.  98% of the people hold 95% of the wealth and the control that comes with it.  It would take a billion Nelson Mandelas to effect any change……



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