The Hodge Effect……

22 Nov

Our political system is broken; a fact upon which we can all agree.  I have spoken of revolution on many occasions and it remains an option, although we would be left with a power vacuum in its place and, having got rid of the politicians we mistrust, are still left with the problem of rebuilding an accountable democracy.

Anecdotal discussions seem to have a common thread running through them which is that of mistrust in politicians and, therefore, the political system in which they operate.  The lack of credibility is brought about through the political rhetoric to which we have all become accustomed; direct questions are cleverly spun to avoid a proper answer ever being given, and even our most respected and intelligent journalists are unable to extract a truthful answer no matter how well they field the questions.  Their guest either continually repeat a well practiced mantra or, not very cleverly, rephrase the question they have just been asked to better suit the reply they wish to give; either way our democracy continues to stall.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Hodge Effect……

In the search for a political system that is accountable to the people and holds our elected representatives, and those running bodies in the public interest, to account we already have an effective model.  It carries non-partisan legitimacy and can demand answers for which it has a legal mandate that requires they are given due to the fact that those of whom it questions does so under oath.  A system of Select Committees could work just as effectively in holding politicians to account as they already do when they question the actions of business leaders, senior Police Officers and the media.  All that is required to make such a system work is a cross party agreement and if those in office have nothing to hide, there should be no problems in reaching an agreement.   Margaret Hodge is the master of the select committee.  She chairs the Public Accounts Committee and is merciless when it comes to getting answers to the questions her committee field.  This is so much more effective than the childish exchanges in Parliament that leave us none the wiser……

Perhaps there is some hope for our democracy if our MPs were made to face the kind of committee run by Mrs. Hodge……

Well done Margaret.  Keep up the good work……



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