Russell Brand – Revolutionary……?

8 Nov

‘I’ve never found Russell Brand particularly funny but credit where credit’s due, he’s used his celebrity to say what most people are thinking……’

It all started two weeks ago after Russell Brand was invited to be a guest editor for ‘The New Statesman’.  Interviewed shortly afterwards by Jeremy Paxman, Brand in his own leftfield way highlighted some of the obvious political perversions that are abundantly obvious to the majority of the electorate.  Paxman’s retort was to suggest that if you choose not to take part in the electoral system by not voting, then you are not in a position to comment.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Disillusionment with, and disenfranchisement from the political system is not uncommon, especially amongst the young, although this an effect, not a cause.  Let us suppose that every young person with the right to vote enters the booth; faced with nobody they can trust they mark their ballot paper ‘None of the above’.  This may give them the ‘democratic’ legitimacy which Jeremy Paxman requires but still changes nothing.  Let us also suppose that any ballot papers marked with ‘None of the above’ are counted and outweigh all of the others added together.  Although, this effectively gives no-one a mandate to govern, it still will not trigger a change……

Like Russell Brand, and not for the want of trying, I have no alternative solutions to the nefarious, unethical, untrustworthy and sycophantic way in which our so called ‘democracy’ operates.  I’ve read Marx and attempted to think of ways in which a political structure could be truly democratic and drawn a blank.  It is a sad truth but the phrase ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, attributed to Lord Acton, is a statement concerning human evolution as much as it is about political power structures.

In a somewhat not unrelated diversion from the subject matter of this article, but one could easily argue a relevant one for a universe whose sole purpose is supposedly to harbour the pinnacle achievement of a divine creator; namely mankind, and then consider the comparison with us; a largely monotheistic anthropocentric mistake in evolution.  Our behaviour, as a species, makes the remaining sadly threatened family groups of Silver Back Mountain Gorillas appear to be more civilised than us as we have the arrogance to think of ourselves as being more civilised than they.  Spend a few hours of your precious time observing them, look into their eyes and see an animal completely at one with itself, its own existence as our distant evolutionary cousins once were.  If you conclude, as I have, disregarded the usual methodology by which we judge intelligence, then the Gorillas are closer to the pinnacle of evolution, you are left with two species from which I can only conclude it is they and not us who are more perfectly adapted to living on this planet.  Making Gorillas closer to the perfect divine creation, should you find it necessary to invoke divinity into your view of the world.

This planet with all its perverse power structures has more than enough resources for every one of its inhabitants.  No one need go hungry, homeless or not have access to education or medical care.  It is only the way in which things are valued and organised that precludes this.  I am not suggesting that some form of communism in which the state provides everybody with an equal income.  There is room for a sliding scale of incomes dependent upon skills.  We simply have to define that scale.  For example a surgeon deserves a good degree of recompense for the skills they offer but so does a hospital porter and both could be adequate to provide a good standard of living.

There comes a cut off point at which income becomes irrelevant.  When somebody reaches the point at which their income is in the millions, it is more than they could ever need or spend.  Therefore, there has to be a way in which all can be recompensed for their contribution; I just haven’t worked out the details yet.

Who would have thought that Russell Brand would be the person to start the conversation about fairness but now that he has we should grasp the opportunity and seek a resolution to the disparity that exists before the messy business of a French style revolution starts.  And be in no doubt, we are at a point where, like the ‘Arab Spring’, revolution is a very real possibility……



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