Russell Brand on Revolution……

23 Oct

In a week in which we saw Russell Brand become the guest editor of The New Statesman I put on hold my own piece about the American War Machine and the obscene way in which what has become known as ‘The Iron Triangle’, where the policy makers have a stake in the wars they create, to credit Russell for his albeit leftfield work.

In an interview with Jeremy Paxman tonight he was the first to admit that he didn’t have the magic remedy, but that the status quo will inevitably lead to a revolution.  In his larger than life way he pointed out the things that the populous are all too aware of even if they lack the clever rhetorical skills to express themselves.  Brand was simply pointing out that the political system we have in this country gets less transparent every time a politician uses the word and that what we still have is an ‘old boy’ network.  Access to power is limited to those who already have it either by who they know or heredity.  They have no interest in stopping their corrupt friends from stashing the unimaginable amounts of money they have well away from the Tax Man, nor will they use the power granted to them to force the utility companies to reduce the cost to the average household.  Not since the end of World War II has the gap between rich and poor been greater and this has nothing to do with a limited amount of total cash flow as we watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

There sits a kind of middle ground, where those who were lucky enough to have a small stake in the game when the Blair Government came to power, are just keeping up with the game but, as their budgets get squeezed tighter and tighter, as they inevitably will, their eyes too will be opened, and, whether you like the style of Russell Brand, you know what he is saying is true.  Nothing short of a revolution, in which the proletariat seizes power from the ‘old boy’ network, no matter how bloody that event is, is the only way to rebalance the scales of fairness……



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