Behold, it’s a Miracle……

20 Sep

With all of suffering in the world, the deaths of innocent women and children in conflicts, the displaced, the starving, the diseases that we can so easily cure and the abject poverty in which so many of God’s children live, it’s nice to unburden oneself from feelings of guilt and hear of some of the goodness that happens……

As the summer draws to close and the leaves fall from the trees, the trinket and postcard sellers of Lourdes, Eastern France, pack away their stalls until the next season of gullible pilgrims make the journey in search of that illusive miracle cure.

Not the Real Virgin Mary

Not the Real Virgin Mary

The 2013 season has proven to be a good one for the Catholic Church and the people of Lourdes, not to mention Mrs. Daneli Castelli who was this year’s lucky recipient of miracle status.  Mrs. Castelli actually experienced the miracle on 4 May 1989 after visiting the E. Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Faecal ridden baths that six million other hopefuls have bathed their puss filled wounds and drooled into that season.  And her miracle cure was the disappearance of a small fibrous legion (that doctors had operated on only a few months earlier)……

Its men that hate each other

Its men that hate each other

Mrs. Castelli is officially the 69th miracle to have happened at Lourdes since the Virgin revealed herself to an impressionable teenager in 1860.  Among the long list of miracles (which I won’t bore you with) there have lots of cures for which modern medicine works pretty well and nothing particularly exciting like the re-growing of an amputated limb.  Call me a sceptic but 69 rather minor miracles in 150 years does not seem very impressive to me, so let’s do the math.  I’ve missed out the boring calculations but your chances of being the recipient of a miracle is 13,043,478 to 1 or, about the same as scooping the jackpot on the National Lottery……

It’s just a suggestion but wouldn’t it be better if the six million visitors gave the not unsubstantial cost of a holiday in Lourdes to a charity?  That way there is much higher probability of science finding a cure than you drinking from a rat piss infested pool in France……

It has always struck me as a little strange that ‘the almighty’ omniscient, omnipresent creator, (and yes ‘omnipresent’ does



mean he’s watching over you ever time you shit or crack one off when Sharon Stone’s on TV), can only manage a miserly 69 miracles when he, presumably, has the power to end all human misery in one godly shake of his ‘God Rod’…….

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