The End of an Empire……

17 Sep

It is only me that thinks Great Britain is no longer great.  We no longer have an empire and the Commonwealth exists only like the remains of a Dinosaur from the 19th century.  I think the decision of Parliament to take no action against Syria, obscene thought the crimes being committed against its people from all sides are, was the right one……

I have no doubt that the secretive machinery that has its corrupting fingers in many countries pies bears responsibility for some of the situations as it did with Libya and Egypt but we are not the world police and we just have to accept that when the inevitable disputes of primitive religious groups, all be they with a large helping of Western corruption, come to a head, we are better leaving them to sort out their differences regardless of the cost in human suffering.  If we don’t, and continue to attempt to exert our will on the outcomes, we will become stuck in a never ending spiral of tribal warfare……

None of this absolves us of responsibility and the G7, G20 and UN should provide all of the assistance possible to try and make the lives of those caught up in the conflicts easier and we should provide the resources to rebuild the infrastructure of these countries.  The only proviso being that it should not be contracted out to the ‘evil doers’, as George W Bush once called them, for it is they who hold a great deal of responsibility for the status quo……

It is my personal view that the only dispute that deserves the full attention of the West in creating a lasting piece is the Israeli/Palestinian dispute.  This differs from almost all of the other disputes, past and present, in which the actions or more precisely, lack of it which can trace its roots directly back to the West, which clearly favours the Israelis whilst ignoring the Palestinians, who in reality are the only people who have any claim over the disputed territories.  Free_PalestineThe quibbling between who used chemical weapons first in Syria has some validity but as for who has ignored all UN directives, is in breach of the Geneva Conventions, treats the IAEA with contempt and holds an entire population at ransom, destabilising the region, whilst the West watches on without comment is Israel……

It is time both the US and the UK pulled out of any conflict that doesn’t arrive directly at their shores but has a duty to provide justice to the Palestinians whose situation would never have arisen were it not for us……



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