9/11: Facts and Fiction……

11 Sep

It is 13 years since the world changed forever due to an act of terrorism that was conducted on American soil.  Many unanswered questions remain regarding who, how and why it happened, or more precisely, why it was allowed to happen.

When any world changing event happens, even if it is has a simple explanation, conspiracy theories arise surrounding it.  Conspiracy theories are a useful tool for governments’ secret services, for the more the stories develop, the easier it becomes to hide the truth.  9/11 is no different.  There are numerous stories of who was behind the attack and who stood to gain from it, all of which just adds more layers of confusion to the reality of what actually happened.

However, certain things do not change.  Answers to questions for which there should only be one, if events happened as portrayed, should not be vague, should not be evasive and most certainly should not change or be factually inaccurate.

There are some questions about 9/11 that are as described above; definitive.  Any deviation from the only true answer can mean only one thing.  The person answering it is lying, and if they are lying about one thing you can bet they’ll be lying about others……

Undisputable Lies and Deception……

Jules and Gedeon Naudet where the French documentary film makers who were making a film about the New York Fire Department on 9/11.  It is they and only they who filmed the first plane hit the World Trade Centre.  This now iconic piece of footage did not reach the mainstream media until several hours after the event, yet the Commander in Chief, President George W. Bush has claimed on two occasions to have watch the event happen on live TV shortly before leaving his hotel room for the Booker Elementary School where he casually sat and listened to the children read from ‘The Pet Goat’, even when his security advisor whispered in his ear that the US was under attack.  So, right from the start the lies began.  This is not a simple mistake or confusion on the part of George Bush; it is a lie.

The lies continued to flow from senior members of the administration.  Condoleezza Rice proclaimed that they had no prior knowledge of the attack, or that an attack of the type used had even been considered.  Again, lies.  The US had been warned by many of its allies of the potential for an attack, specifying dates, and the FBI and CIA had the scenario on their security briefings.  Bush made the same claims.  More lies.

Osama Bin Laden……

Within 24 hrs of 9/11 before the dust had settled over Manhattan it was announced that the terrorist plot was masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.  There was no proof of this and nothing linking him to 9/11.  In fact, Bin Laden publicly denied any involvement.  For a man who was supposedly the leader of the biggest terror network in the world you would have expected him to take the credit even if it wasn’t him.  The ‘proof’ that Bin Laden was behind 9/11 surfaced on a grainy video tape recovered from a house in Afghanistan.  Close examination of this tape shows a man who vaguely resembles Osama Bin Laden only the man on the video is right handed when Bin Laden is known to be left handed.  He also wears a wedding ring.  Something a devout Muslim would not do.  The translation of the tape is also a cause for some dispute.  Whilst the man in the video praises 9/11, he makes no claim for its execution.  The Bush administration was clutching at straws by this time and anything linking Bin Laden to 9/11 was good enough for George W Bush.  To this day Osama Bin Laden has not been indicted for 9/11.  The FBI admits there is nothing linking him to it.  Nor was he a friend of Saddam Hussein, a point put forward by Bush in support of the invasion of Iraq.

The Smoking Gun……

As far as the 9/11 Truth Movement is concerned the failure to explain the complete collapse of the twin towers at free fall speed, and that of WTC building 7, which collapsed later that afternoon having not been hit by an aircraft and only having small fires burning on a few floors.  The 9/11 commission report did not even mention building 7 and many demolition experts agree it was a controlled demolition, something which is upheld by Larry Silverstein’s statement that they decided to ‘pull it’, a term used by demolition experts.  This begs the question how during the chaos of 9/11 a building could have been rigged for demolition; a process that usually takes weeks of planning……


The work done by Prof. Steven Jones which has identified traces of chemicals used in demolitions, has been dismissed by the administration without an explanation of where these chemicals came from……

Here is a selection of images showing steel columns with the classic 45 degree cut, molten metal running from the cuts.  These simply would not have existed in a gravity driven collapse, which, we are told, caused the collapse of WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7……

Setting Cutter Charges

Setting Cutter Charges

On The Pile

On The Pile

Multiple Cut Columns

Multiple Cut Columns

Diagonal Cut in Storage

Diagonal Cut in Storage

As you can see from the many diagonally cut columns that would not have happened by chance.  As if any more proof of ‘false flag’ terrorism were needed……

Search previous 9/11 blog posts for more info and keep up the pressure and enlightenment……




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