25 Jun

‘It’s the political buzz word of the moment but recent revelations have shown that the transparency of our Government to be somewhat opaque……’

There are more judicial and public enquiries currently taking place than at any time in the history of Parliament.  There are also endless Commons Select Committees, focus groups and public petitions being brought forward by organisations such as  However, journalist, whistle blowers and the people in charge of leading public authorities are revealing the true extent of the sub diffuse, corruption and criminal activities of our Government……

Lies and Deception……

Over that past few days we have discovered that the CIA and GCHQ are ‘in bed together’ monitoring our online, text messages and voice calls.  This is all apparently above board and legal, provided they obtain a warrant to access the content, and why would we have any reasons to doubt that they would follow legitimate procedures?  There is also the shameful attempt to discredit the friend of Stephen Lawrence and other members of his family.  And what is the official response; another enquiry.  The Care Quality Commission is implicated in a cover up of unusually high death rates in baby and maternal care at the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust in Cumbria.  The embarrassing revelation that the UK has been holding prisoners at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, without charge or access to legal representation for up to 14 months, contrary to international law which states detainees should be released after 96 hours.  I could continue but if I were to list all the breaches of trust committed by our representatives this article would be 15 pages long; minimum…….

Reality Check……

The cabal, new world order, illuminate; call them what you will, they are all in controlling positions making judgements on who lives and who dies.  They act with impunity and answer to nobody aside the select few at the top of the ‘food chain’.  They control the money, instigate conflicts, exploit the resources of third world economies, embrace the opposing factions in the War on Terror whilst facilitating its continuation and no matter who wins of looses, they always win.  Through the Military Industrial Complex a huge income is attained.  One third of the developed world’s budget is spent on munitions.  Which side wins is of no consequence.  The cycles of boom and bust are not coincidental.  During the boom times the borrowing of small companies and individuals is high, funding the machine through interest.  When the bubble collapses the funding is provided by way of a ‘rescue’, the result of which is that the debts are paid from the unavoidable taxes levied on the poorest members of society.  Boom or bust the money roles in.  It is note worthy that the stock markets of the world are currently high and the banking cartels are holding more reserves than at times of growth……

The Agenda……

Here I cannot offer any answers.  Many of the elite have more money than you could spend in a lifetime, so greed cannot be the motivation.  I believe that the conflicts that happen are a mere diversion to focus attention away from the real agenda.  I can only speculate that the power to hold life and death under your control is addictive and that the power brokers are addicted to control in the same way as a Heroin addict is addicted to the drug.

Whatever the answer the Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission are the historical cabal whose fingerprints are all over the New World Order……
TrilateralCouncil_on_Foriegn_Relationsbilderberg - logo


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