Coincidence, Convenience or Conspiracy……

27 May

‘It could pure chance but recent events point conveniently toward a reason to advance the timetable of government policy to control the internet and curtail freedom of speech……’


All Roads Lead to Rome……

In the past few weeks events both here and abroad have shone a spotlight on the ‘war on terror’ and a new agenda to contain the spread of information, starting with the Boston bombing which is where my investigation begins.

On 15 April 2013 two devices exploded near to the finish line of the Boston marathon.  The event was caught on camera by individuals and the media alike.  Many questions remain as to precisely what happened but is does not appear to be the straight forward ‘extremist’ attack portrayed in the mainstream media.  There are many inconsistencies with the events of that day which have been highlighted predominantly by eagle eyed internet users and seemingly ignored by the broadcast media.  Here are a few of the issues.

The blasts were filmed from many angles by many people and highlight equally as many apparent incongruities.  An examination of the blasts is a good place to start.

Boston Explosion Flags

This image is one of many taken at the instant of the blast.  The smoke is very impressive and I’m sure any pyrotechnic of that magnitude was capable of breaking nearby windows but note:  The row of flags seems completely unaffected by the explosion.  Surely, any blast capable of removing peoples’ limbs (which we’ll come to shortly) would have contained enough energy to move a few flags?

Now let’s look at the guy whose trousers were almost completely blown off.  Any explosion capable of blowing a man’s lower garments to shreds would surely have left some degree of injury to his legs?  Still, he escaped with only grazes and his modesty in tact.  My mother always told me to wear clean underwear just in case I was involved in an accident.  She never mentioned wearing bomb proof underwear but I’ll consider it next time I go out.  At this point it is worth pointing out the pain on this mans face.  Clearly he loved those trousers; unlike our next ‘victim’ who seems unaffected by the loss of his lower garments, and limbs.

Boston Explosion Trousers

‘Wheelchair Guy’, as he has become known is a bit of a celebrity.  Here he is just after the blast having had both legs blown off, surrounded by some pretty unconcerned people, in what can best be described as ‘Freddy Krueger’ styled blood.

Wheelchair Man 01

Next we see him, presumably having been attended to by the paramedics, being wheeled away in a chair.

Wheeelchair man 03

Wheeelchair man 02Note how he does not appear to be in much pain and unconcerned by the bone sticking out of what used to be his leg.  Now, I’m not a paramedic but I would have thought a man who’d lost so much blood would have been put on a drip to maintain his blood pressure and stop his heart from failing, but no IV lines can be seen.  He also appears very alert for a man who one would have expected to have received some heavy weight pain killers on top of loosing so much blood.  Then one has to ask the question why a double amputee was placed in wheel chair and pushed 400 yards to an Ambulance with, one assumes a perfectly serviceable engine and driver?

The inconsistencies in the Boston story are many and if I detailed them all my computer and ISP would probably crash but have a look for yourself and you’ll see what I’m getting at……

Timing is Everything……

On the other side of the Atlantic in the UK two events have unfolded, giving the Government an opportunity to revisit the Communications Data Bill, aka the ‘snoopers charter’, with impeccable timing as the CEO of Google is the guest of honour at the forthcoming Bilderberg Group meeting in June.

First there was the apparent ‘hijacking’ of a Pakistani Airlines flight by two unarmed men.  The flight was escorted by RAF Typhoon jets to StanstedAirport where the men were arrested without incident or injury to passengers.  The precise details of the ‘hijacking’ are unclear but do not follow the ‘standard’ modus operandi of a hijacking.  The hijackers did not divert the plane, attempt to crash it, injure any of the crew or passengers or appear to have any motive behind their actions.

Second, is the attack on Lee Rigby, the off duty soldier which, although abhorrent, has lead to some interesting events.  Thus far eleven people have been arrested in connection with the attack, some on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.  One must assume that unless Lee Rigby operated like clockwork and rotated his T-shirt wearing with an anally retentive consistency, that this attack was a random event and, therefore, its preconception and planning, highly unlikely.

From past experience it would seem that Theresa May, the feckless Home Secretary, has found, or created, the perfect bilderberg - logoopportunity to resume plans for the ‘snoopers charter’, a step toward control of the internet and the inconvenient freedom of speech it provides, and at just the right point in the calendar to coincide with the shady meeting of the Bilderberg Group……


‘Ask questions, check details, search the internet and never take anything at face value……’


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