Soldier Killed in Attack on UK Streets……

23 May

‘A British Soldier, Lee Rigby, was brutally attacked and killed in London by two men on Thursday.  This was a vicious crime and our thoughts are with the grieving families, but the media cannot help themselves when it comes to speculation and the chance to score points on the word wide stage……’



Due to the reported ramblings of one of the perpetrators in the immediate aftermath, it has been reported as a revenge attack, carried out to highlight the enormous death toll of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, which in effect it has.  The more mentally stable amongst us would agree that this is not the kind of protest acceptable to the majority but to someone who may be mentally unstable they may feel differently.  This brings me neatly on the way in which it is being reported in the mainstream media.

We have already heard the attackers being called ‘extremists’ and ‘fundamental Islamists’.  Allying  them with them with the distorted western  view of a primitive tribal culture, there may well be some truth to these accusations but before the investigation has begun the language of the ‘war on terror’ is ringing out loudly.  At this stage, I believe we are only able to say categorically, is that these men are mentally ill and a danger to society on the whole.

If they are found to be ‘extremists’ or ‘Islamic sympathisers’ their albeit twisted approach in demonstration against the west’s killing of millions of innocent civilians in ‘the war on terror’ still holds some validity, diminished by their choice of demonstration but valid all the same.  This will of course be buried under the web of propaganda that exists between the ‘loony Islamic Jihad-ist’ and ‘the freedoms and equalities’ imposed by their uninvited liberators.


When it happens on your proverbial doorstep as it were, your immediate response is one of horror and disgust, but project yourself onto a hillside in the Peshawar region of Northern Pakistan early one ordinary morning.  You awake to hear the news that an entire family has been dismembered by an American drone aircraft.  These are the pictures you don’t often see.  The ‘target’ has been identified by ‘intelligence’, sometimes extracted under torture, sometimes with bribes (in one of the poorest countries in the world).  The drone was operating illegally in Pakistani sovereign airspace without their knowledge.

The War of Fear……

I don’t want to see innocent British Soldiers killed on the streets; neither do I want to see innocent Pakistani children killed by drones.  The ‘War on Terror’ is now a ‘War of Fear’, for both sides.  Truth and fiction hold no meaning anymore.

‘The only constant in the War on Terror is the USA & UK……’


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