Abu Qatada and ‘The War on Terror’……

21 May

‘I do not endorse acts of terrorism.  Neither do I ascribe to the monotheistic religious doctrines that cause them.  I do, however, endorse the law, human rights and the protection they offer to the public and individuals alike.  I certainly do not approve of governments manipulating the legal system as a political diversion and propaganda machine to sustain the ‘war on terror’……’

Abu Qatada is either a terrorist or he isn’t.  He has broken the law or he hasn’t.  I have no doubt that Abu Qatada holds Qatadaviews and opinions that most of us would find abhorrent but ‘thought crimes’, as far as I am aware, are not prosecutable offences under UK law; terrorism is a criminal offence and we have laws to address it.  If ‘thought crimes’ were illegal then I, and many people I know, would be ‘guilty’ albeit for holding very different views to those held by Mr. Qatada……

‘Linked to Al Qaeda’ is the accusation levelled at terrorists regardless of wherever in the world they act.  If being ‘linked to Al Qaeda’ is  the criteria against which accusations are made, then the CIA, Pakistani ISI, MI5/6 and Israeli Mossad would all fall foul of such alleged ‘links’.  Western governments have been shown over and over to have had ‘links to Al Qaeda’.  Osama Bin Laden did not name his rebel army ‘Al Qaeda’; they were the CIA funded Mujahadeen until they were re-branded ‘Al Qaeda’ by the CIA.  ‘Al Qaeda’ translates as ‘the database’; that’s the CIA database which held details about the Mujahadeen fighters they were training, supplying with weapons and funding with $500m.  The official story is that the CIA was supporting the Mujahadeen in their fight against the USSR in Afghanistan.  However, they began their relationship 6 months before Russia invaded……

Why Abu Qatada should be singled out for special treatment is more a matter of policy than of fact.  Headlines frequently report, almost without exception, that all terrorist groups are ‘thought to be linked to Al Qaeda’ but the failure to deliver convictions or provide proof goes unreported.  Al Qaeda is an ideology invented by the west to present the impression of a coherent enemy for their selective ‘war on terror’.  In reality most terrorist groups act autonomously, with no central command and with many differing ideas behind their particular brand of god given idealism……

Abu Qatada has spent unprecedented periods in detention without charge or trial.  Although recent media focus has surrounded the deportation of Qatada, when originally detained his lawyers were denied access to the evidence relating to his detention, making a mockery of the fundamental principals of UK law.  He has never been charged or convicted of any offence relating to terrorism, a situation more indicative of Guantanamo Bay than the British legal system; a pillar of justice.  No other individual terrorist suspect has been so closely monitored by our security forces, which leaves only one question; why has he not been prosecuted for the terrorist offences he has allegedly committed……?



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