News Travels Fast……

22 Apr

‘In an age of instant communication through text messages, Twitter, Facebook and other gadgets, governments have lost control over the flow of information.  To ‘survive’ in the digital age they have had no choice but to join in; sometimes to their detriment……’

Conspiracy Theories……

Conspiracy theories used to develop over time as the media were drip fed information through ‘official’ channels and small groups speculated in the pub or maybe on the phone.  Now they begin briefing the press almost as soon as the incident that brought them into existence.  Just as the general public have access to instant communications so do the bourgeoisie.  Not wanting to be left behind in the chatter those in power are just as quick as the masses to be heard even when what they have to say fuels the fire……

Conspiracy Theory Defined……

Con–spir–a-cy  The-or-y  Noun.

A belief that some covert but influential organisation is responsible for an unexplained event.

That’s the dictionary definition but I feel there is something to add.  Events from history that were labelled as crackpot conspiracy theories have later been proven to fit the definition given above.  They are too numerous to list but as an example there is the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident which was used as the justification for the United States of America to join the Vietnam War and, as history was later to show, never happened.  This oversight cost 58,000 American lives and approximately 2.5 million civilian Vietnamese.  Sadam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction never materialised and the ’45 minute warning’ was clearly nonsense.  George W Bush’s comic ‘no weapons under there’ routine was nothing short of an insult to the thousands of innocent lives their lying cost.

Detractors of a theory, especially the creationist imbeciles who still insist that mankind shared their hunting grounds with the dinosaurs, will always point out that a theory is only an idea.  Well, I have bad news for anyone who thinks in this limited and uneducated way.  It is now accepted that a proposal which may have been originally called a theory can be deemed fact once there is overwhelming evidence to support it.  Ergo, the theory of evolution by natural selection is considered fact by anyone capable of processing the evidence supporting it.  Perhaps it should be called the fact of evolution.  Similarly, Quantum Theory, though almost impossible to get your head around, has been demonstrated to yield accurate results in every experiment which sets out to test it and, without which, the creationists would not have access to the technology to spread their deluded opinions……

The Speed of Information……

In the recent Boston bombings, which I wholly condemn, mobile phone videos were available online within hours, if not minutes, along with ‘tweets’ and other sources of information.  Back in ‘the old days’ the official response would have been one of sympathy and condolence and, whilst accepting that it was unlikely to have been accidental, carefully considered caution as to whom was responsible and any possible motive would have been shown.  However, in a very short period of time, in the race to keep up with social media, official details were emerging.

President Obama, unlike his predecessor, gave an unusually restrained first press conference in which he did not use the words ‘terrorist’ or ‘extremist’ and was careful not to apportion blame to either left or right, domestic or foreign; most unusual for a US president, who never normally misses the opportunity to stoke the political fires, would have at the very least implied that a certain non-geographic, comandless and disparate enemy like al-Qaeda may have plotted such an attack from their caves using what limited resources they happened to have to hand.

On the Scene……

Unprecedented amounts of information were being released in the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombings.  We were told that the devices comprised ‘home made’ explosives packed with shrapnel in the form of ball bearings and nails.  We were also told that they had pieces of the devices, including circuit boards.  All of this within 24 hours of the event.  We were also told that they were most probably contained in pressure cookers.  Some of these details do not make sense.  First of all the ‘home made’ explosives?  Now I am no expert in explosives but I do know that, on the whole without an expert chemist, highly efficient explosives are hard to make from ‘off the shelf’ materials, particularly in small effective quantities, hence the need for ‘truck bombs’ often surrounded by gas canisters.  Let us suppose that the perpetrators were able to make a half decent explosive, why place it in a container such as a pressure cooker which, by design, is made to contain high pressures.  This would surely hinder the success of a ‘home made’ bomb by helping to contain a blast and certainly to use up valuable energy destroying the container rather than spreading its lethal contents i.e. the shrapnel.  From the Youtube footage of the explosions I have seen they do not show the characteristics of a ‘home made’ explosive.  And not forgetting that all of these details were made public within 24 hours of the event.  Even in our ‘CSI’ coloured world of forensic science it is unlikely that all of the details released by the media could have been established in such a short period of time, particularly as at the moment the press were being briefed crime scene investigators were still searching for clues in the rubble.

When the perpetrators had been identified they were apprehended whilst robbing a convenience store.  Not the most sensible course of action for a terrorist lying low during a high profile police investigation.  One of them was killed during the arrest during which they were apparently throwing ‘explosive’ devices at the officers from their vehicle.  The other survived even though he was shot in the throat and is now conscious, able to answer questions by writing them down.

Another strange coincidence was the training operation taking place on the same day as the attack less than a mile away.  In almost every terrorist event that has taken place in recent years, from 9/11 to 7/7, there has always been a training operation taking place nearby.  This is also relevant to the list of agencies that were on the scene almost immediately; state troopers, the FBI, Homeland Security,  the CIA, FEMA and others.  Again, strange that all of the agencies involved in a terrorist event should be within range at short notice……


I haven’t heard any specific conspiracy theories about the Boston bombings but I’m sure they are out there.  I’m not even suggesting that there is any reason to believe that it is anything other that what it appears to be; a cowardly attack on civilians by deranged individuals with an axe to grind.  I am simply pointing out that conspiracy theories do not need much of a fuse to set them off and, when the authorities join in with the scramble to be heard in the age of instant communications, they only fuel the conspiracy fires, but maybe that’s the point…..?


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