Happy Easter…….

31 Mar

Cath Cer 03‘As we celebrate Easter with all the pomp and spender of rich western churches, I though I’d remind you of the real value of Easter……’


Jesus Christ probably didn’t exist.  And even if he did and you accept the contradictory bile spat out by your Guru I still don’t think you’ve got the message the Crucifixion is claimed to have purveyed.Cath Cer 01

Just as a reminder, in case all of the ‘praise be’s’ and songs full of meaningless crap about how your saviour died to free the planet of sins, here’s a reminder of the ‘message’ and how it’s all worked out now that your churches has influence over most of the people on the planet.

The Basic Message ‘Everybody be nice to anybody else who agrees that I’m the one ‘true’ God and murder anyone who disgrees’


‘And here’s the outcome of your monotheistic outlook on goodness’


So when your waving your hands toward heaven and stuffing fivers into the collection dish think what part your ‘god’ had to play in the rape of teenaged girls, and boys.  The burning of villages, female mutilation, starvation, orphans; the list goes on but is your conscience clear?  Is your god even real or have been told that since you were a child and blindly follow like the Nazis did?Masacre Palestinewar grave 01War Graves 03

War Graves 02


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