For the Benefit of all Mankind……

30 Mar

Nobel_medal‘Suppose you are a scientist who has discovered a source of unlimited free energy and an end to world poverty.  You would surely be hailed as the saviour of the human race with Nobel Prizes laden upon youWell, unfortunately not.  Unless you published your findings on the internet and circulated many hard copies of your solutions to your colleagues worldwide, you may come up against a problem……’

Any scientist who made such a discovery would most probably seek to patent their idea and it is here that your problems will start.

The US and other countries have something called the X-Patents.  This is a long list of government directives which define a wide range of categories and specifications under which any major advance in technology is not only deemed to be in ‘the interests of national security’ but also removes any rights of the designer or inventor to retain their intellectual property.  Yes folks, the government can take your work, do with it as they choose, swear you to secrecy which would make any disclosure of your work treason and pay you nothing in royalties for any application of it……

global-issues-warmingSo, what’s Covered by the X-Patents……

It’s a long list of definitions, a lot of which refer to military applications even if that wasn’t the initial intent and generally covers anything which applied correctly could offer great benefits for humanity.  Let’s look at some of the things covered in the document:

GROUP X1 – Power Supplies:

Item 8 – Solar Photovoltaic Generators with an efficiency of greater than 20%.  Photovoltaic cells operating in optimal circumstances currently offer around 15% efficiency.  In our age of global warning and huge areas of the world with limited access to electricity, making the storage of food, medicines and lack of access to things like air-conditioning in some of the hottest climates in the world, any improvement in power generation from PV cells could prove a huge advantage to the developing countries of the world.  The US Government doesn’t want that sort of technology to be made available to them.  Speculation as to why is an open debate but to keep developing nations under the control of the west is one possibility.  ‘We’ll provide you with power for a sizable stake in your mineral wealth and infrastructure?’

Item 9 – Energy conversion systems with an efficiency of 70 – 80%.  Almost all of our current energy generation from, fossil fuels, nuclear energy or renewables is inefficient.  Nuclear returns a respectable 50%, fossil fuels return less than 30%, Wind and tidal schemes return a pitiful 20%.  So, imagine an ‘engine’ or generator that could return 70-80% of its input power and again you would have a major contribution to cutting global warning and supplying surplus power to developing nations.  However, if you developed such a machine it would immediately fall foul of the X-Patents and be unlikely to be shared with mankind, not without a substantial profit added regardless of running costs.

This list goes on but for almost any major advance in technology which could benefit all of mankind it has been hijacked by the X-Patents, usually with a view to the benefits it could have for military applications from computing, energy, alternative propellants to fossil fuels and new materials which could provide dramatic improvements for health or construction (concrete is extremely energy hungry)…….

I recommend you download and read the X-Patent documents and see for yourself.  If you are a scientist on the brink of a major discovery consider that; if you submit a patent application it will become the property of the government in ‘the interests of national security’ and you will receive nothing for your hard work.  Alternatively, do what Tim Burners-Lee did and give your discovery to the world for the benefit of all.  You will probably get your Nobel Prize and sleep comfortably at night without the prospect of having an unfortunate ‘accident’ in case you where to mention your work to the ‘wrong’ people……

Links to the X-Patents: WikipediaThe Government X-Patent Document



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