How long Before they Raid your Piggy Bank……

29 Mar

‘You may think on this island that you are immune from the economic problems facing Europe and the rest of the World……’Pound Sign

Despite the impression that our ‘trustworthy’ politicians give that the UK economy is safe from the world markets which appear to balanced on a knife edge, you’re not……

Economic catastrophes spread like wild fire, from the distant and apparently unrelated problems we’ve just seen in Cyprus to the collapse of global mega-institutions like Lehman Brothers, Britain is not immune.  Imagine going to your local bank only to find it’s closed, its cash dispensers are empty, online transactions have been suspended and the local businesses will only accept cash……

Could this really happen?  Well, the government have put in place a depositor guarantee but, like any other policy it is subject to change.  It is not a legal guarantee because the government make the law and they can change it.  The fractional reserve banking system means that the world has created 90% of all ‘money’ as ‘promise to pay notes’ (IOUs) and not lent ‘real’ money.  All it takes is a few large investors to call in those loans and there is not enough capital to cover it…….

Worst case scenario, our credit rating is downgraded and international lenders won’t invest in UK Plc.  Our government has over £1.5 trillion in debt, the interest on which cost the country £18 million per hour.  It is a house of cards and the Government cannot bail out banks with money it simply doesn’t have…….

2 + 2 = £1.5 trillion

2 + 2 = £1.5 trillion

Personally I would say, if you have a small amount of savings and they are earning a pitiful amount in interest.  They would be safer under your mattress than in our casino banks.  Should the shit hit the fan, which it may, I’d rather know where my money was and have access to it…….

Governments lie.  They change policy at the flip of a coin and are not in a position to guarantee the money you place in our banks.  You only have to look at the Chancellors predicted growth over the next few years to realise it is a myth seeing as growth has been stagnant for several years, how is it suddenly about to increase exponentially?…….


Stand up to Tyranny

Stand up to Tyranny


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