Teenage Kicks & Tyranny……

26 Mar

‘The success of social media is absolute and has even managed to tame that most troublesome and loudest of outraged voices: the teenager……’

You have to give them credit where credit’s due, the media’s almost completed the homogenisation of society.  This is not an easy trick to pull off.  For decades the rebellion of the teenager against everything their parents have stood for has been a fundamental cause of dispute and a rite of passage, even when the contention is unimportant, uncontroversial and unnecessary.  For the first time in a generation the analogous distinctions between parent and child is inseparable from the insignificant through to radical political ideologies……

About 25 years ago I noticed that the ‘kids’ were wearing the same baggy jeans, chunky trainers and hoody combo as us; their parents.  Their choice of caffeine enriched soft drink was the same and they were playing the same games on their chosen console.  Another notable change, or lack of it, was in music.  From the ‘rave’ culture that developed during the late 80s the music has changed little in its content or style, with contemporary music, from Rap to Dance sounding very much the same as it did back then.  Although today’s youth would rail against the very suggestion that they are miniature versions of their parents, the truth is that they are……

So, have the past two generations reached the same conclusions about the society in which they live, or has marketing reached a Nirvana?  Sadly, I believe the latter is true and it is all part of a wider agenda which I’ll come too shortly.  Interestingly, a ten year old child can identify over 100 symbols of modern marketing; McDonald’s ‘golden arches’, ‘Coca-Cola’, Twitter’s bird, the Facebook icon or the Nike ‘tick’ to name but a few; whereas they cannot identify 10 common flowers from your garden or 5 British birds (in fact most kids have only ever seen the reflection of a bird above their iPhones).  Most do not know what ‘Rice Crispies’ are made from or that coffee is made from beans, let alone the geographical origin of either.  In this age of instant communications and access to knowledge on an unprecedented scale, at the click of a mouse our children know less than the generation that preceded them and, it seems, nor do they have the desire to find out……

The accusation that the education system has been ‘dumbed down’ is frequently levelled.  But in my own experience that is precisely what has happened.  The change from ‘O’ Levels to GCSEs ushered in a strong reliance on course work which, provided it is completed, ticks the right box and contributes to the final mark.  When I see kids doing their homework they are pointed toward the information they need and copy it from the relevant website.  The process of learning by deduction and enquiry seems to have been eliminated.  Knowing the answer to a question is very different to knowing how to work out the answer.  I may sound like an old ‘git’ but it seems to me that common sense is what’s missing from the educational equation……

The homogenisation of the food we eat, the music we hear, the clothes we wear and the brands we favour is a marketing success but more worryingly it stifles free thinking and the challenge it brings to authority……

2 + 2 = 5

2 + 2 = 5

The political classes are not unaware of the benefits that a ‘one size fits all’ manifesto brings.  Presented with an anonymous statement from any of the main political parties, almost everybody is incapable of deciding from which it came.  The same divisive rhetoric is repeated by all politicians.  The current trend is immigration and welfare, both knowingly misrepresented but to what aim?  The blame game.  To divert attention away from the serious issues that pose a real threat to the future prosperity, security and equality of our children it is easier to create a false ‘enemy’ upon which we can focus our collective blame……

Beginning with immigration:  The general impression is given that immigration is one of the issues that affects every man, woman and child in our society by the resources that immigrants monopolise to the determent of everybody else.  They are accused of disproportionately using the NHS, claiming benefits, occupying social housing and staying in the UK illegally.  The impression is given that immigrants profoundly affect UK citizen’s ability to access services and cost the tax payer a disproportionately large amount of money.  None of this is true and any politician implying otherwise is unacceptably ill informed, lying, stupid or all of the above.


The second gem is the people who don’t want to ‘work hard and get on’, not that I’ve every met one.  The spin on the unemployed and disabled is that they are responsible for the majority of our debt and spending.  Usually, in the same sentence the afore mentioned groups are linked immediately to the welfare budget, giving the impression that they are bleeding the country dry.  So, to set the record straight:  The majority of immigrants are perfectly entitled to live in the UK.  As a group, if you want to use racial profiling for your divisive political point scoring, immigrants contribute more in taxes than they use in public services and welfare.  Unemployment is always going to increase during a recession and, according to any charity you care to consult, disability affects approximately 1 in 5 people.  If you take the number of people of working age (30,000 approx) you will find statistically 6,000 disabled people, which is precisely the number claiming disability benefit.  We have an altruistic welfare state so they are perfectly entitled to claim, a privilege you too will be awarded should, heaven forbid, you need it.  Another point which our honourable MPs neglect to mention is that the welfare budget pays for pensions (50%), the NHS and benefits to working families who are paid a pitiful wage by the tax avoiding multi-national company they probably work for.  Unemployment and disability benefits account for a tiny percentage of the total welfare budget, which is 10% of a GDP worth £1.6 trillion; so we can afford it……

‘The homogenisation of society suits the agenda of turning the majority against the few.  It is a smokescreen to hide from the real issues that are bankrupting our country; dishonest politicians, casino banks that create nothing other than more money for those who already have it, rich companies that pay minimum wages and contribute no revenue for the UK and a widening gap between the haves and the have nots……’

Stand up to Tyranny

Stand up to Tyranny


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