Plenty of Words – Very few Facts……

22 Mar

‘The bumbling politicians who are supposed to be fixing broken Britain are an embarrassing, incompetent and lying gaggle of corrupt fools.  They should be removed from office immediately……’

You couldn’t make it up but it appears that is precisely what is happening.  The daily imbecilic announcements of ‘on the fly’ policy is ill considered and foolish.  On the international stage we must seem shambolic which will ultimately lead to a further financial disaster as potential investors run as far from the UK as they can get……

George ‘Gideon’ Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, cannot be trusted to manage a primary school canteen budget, let alone a country.  In this week’s budget which he has had months to prepare he has delivered its key plan to fund mortgage deposits and guarantee loans.  Not only are they completely incapable of answering the most fundamental questions about who will qualify for the money but, unless my memory escapes me, is it not an economically unsustainable housing bubble combined with sub-prime mortgages that got us into this mess in the first place?  In the hour or so it takes to rant this we have racked up another £18m in interest payments on the debt which is rising regardless of what Gideon says……

Today’s on the fly idea is to charge foreign visitors a deposit to make sure they leave!  This cannot be applied to any European Union country, which is the main source of the misrepresented immigration ‘problem’ and will achieve nothing.  It is yet more divisive rhetoric to demonise ‘foreigners’ along with those who ‘abuse’ the welfare budget; the one from which 50% goes to pay pensioners and includes the NHS, disability benefits and the tax credits that go to working people because employers don’t even pay them a living wage.  While the corrupt twats like my MP cream whatever they can get from ‘the hard pressed tax payer’, including a £40k pay packet for his wife’s second job, the rest of us are ‘all in it together’ getting fucked over to pay back the money they threw at our corrupt banking system……

Meanwhile, Karl McCartney MP, the foul mouthed bigot has been peddling more Tory racist crap on the This is Lincolnshire website.  Karl, who claims that his religious morals dictate that he is compelled to vote against gay marriage, fails to have applied the same moral high ground when taking ‘gifts’ from Japanese tobacco companies……

If we lived in the US, I would advise everybody to exercise their first and second amendment rights and forcibly remove these self interested morons from power.  This is not a democracy.  They are all the same; they say whatever it takes to get into power and then do nothing they promised whilst lining their own pockets and those of their paymasters……

‘It is time we had a revolution……’


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