Karl McCartney MP – ‘Abusive’, ‘Offensive’ and ‘Condescending’……

2 Mar

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has published a formal letter sent to Karl

McCartney MP by Andrew McDonald, the Chief Executive of IPSA, following unsubstantiated claims made in the House of Commons by Karl McCartney of ‘bullying tactics and threats’ against IPSA’s senior management in an attempt to ‘silence’ his concerns regarding the watchdog’s spiralling costs……

Britain's Rudest MP?

Is This Britain’s Rudest MP?

Dripping Tap Readers will be aware of the Tory MP’s rude and arrogant attitude toward constituents with whom he disagrees, his extreme and frankly ludicrous assertions that gay marriage would lead to bigamy and children marrying but now, it appears that Mr. McCartney’s attitude problem extends to Civil Servants too.

Having accused one of his constituents of being incapable of thinking for themselves, inarticulate and dependent on an ‘utterly deluded, left wing propaganda’ website to do their thinking for them, his notes to IPSA staff were even more offensive.  ‘You are a pedantic son of a bitch, aren’t you’, he told one employee and, ‘you are talking shite’.  In another condescending note he writes ‘Simples – or didn’t you do Geography at Eton and Oxford.

IPSA’s Formal Response……ipsa-logo

Below is the text of the letter sent by Andrew McDonald:

28 February 2013


I write following your question in the House earlier today, in which you suggested that I have used “bullying tactics and threats to try and silence” you. I reject this.


Some of the notes written by you, and attached to your claims, were recently brought to my attention. Having reviewed those notes, I was taken aback by the content, which ranged from the abusive (“you are a pedantic SOAB, aren’t you?”) through to the offensive (“you’re talking shite”) and on to the condescending (“simples – or didn’t you do Geography at Eton and Oxford…”). We will do all that is reasonable to shield our team from such treatment. This policy and its application in your case have been expressly endorsed by the Board.


I had hoped it would be possible to address this behaviour without writing to you formally. In the light of your comments today, I write to ask that you conduct your dealings with us – orally or in writing – in civil terms.


I do not ask you to like IPSA or its policies. At the same time, IPSA‘s team deserves to be treated in a courteous manner. I ask that, with immediate effect, you desist from correspondence which falls below this standard.


Turning, to your remarks about IPSA’s costs, you may wish to note that we have committed to deliver savings of 5% each year across the Comprehensive Spending Review, in common with other public bodies. We continue to meet and exceed these savings targets and expect to do so in the current financial year as well as in our Estimate for 2013/14. Our administration costs in 2012/13, furthermore, represent just 3.4% of the public money which we administer.


We are, in effect, responsible for all costs incurred by 650 small operations working in different locations, doing jobs differently, each with their own team of staff – totalling more than 3,000.  We oversee expenditure of £176 million and do so cost effectively and in public. Additionally, we have a regulatory role in respect of MPs’ business costs and expenses and their pay and pensions. Any discussion of our costs should, I suggest, be informed by a full understanding of our role and responsibilities.


Given your recent public reference to communication between yourself and IPSA, I am publishing this letter.


Andrew McDonald

Chief Executive

The original can be viewed here.

Is this the sort of arrogant politician we want deciding important policies on our behalves? 

‘We are currently undertaking an investigation in Karl McCartney’s expenses claims, checking irregularities.  Stay tuned’…….



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