Popes, Perverts and Evil Archbishops……

25 Feb

‘Good people do good things, and bad people do bad things, but for good people to do bad things it requires religion’…….


Thanks to the high profile publicity surrounding Jimmy Savile’s 50 years of depraved behaviour, while the BBC management was apparently looking the other way with their fingers in their ears humming ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ at the top of their voices, has opened the flood gates for an epidemic of fresh accusations of historical sexual impropriety carried out by powerful people inside powerful, controlling organisations.  The more of these stories that come to light only demonstrates that, for all the publicity generated by Ester Rantzan’s Childline and others charities, it has never really gone away but does appear to have been conveniently ‘overlooked’……

The Epitome of Evil……

The Catholic Church is one of the most divisive organisations ever to have existed.  In its relentless pursuit for control it is the epitome of ‘evil’, a concept of its own making.  Throughout history any challenge to its authority has been met with torture, imprisonment and murder, as Copernicus and Galileo found when they proved the Earth was not the centre of the Universe.  Burning thousands of innocent women as witches just because a harvest failed and plundering the wealth of other nations through their moral crusades is where they got their immense reserves from; which they have no problems investing in arms manufacturers, just as long as it turns a healthy profit, whilst shaking the collection plate in the faces of the imbeciles who think they can buy their way into ‘heaven’.  The most recent disgraceful episode in the Catholic Churches long list of crimes is that of covering up the mass abuse of children under their care.  When they were made aware of these disgusting abuses they chose to sweep things under the carpet rather than take decisive action against the perpetrators.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s most senior Catholic Cleric faces claims of inappropriate attention by four priests, a charge which he denies.  However, he has chosen to step down on ‘health’ grounds.  Doubtless no action will be taken against this alleged pervert and another Cleric who has caused harm to people in his ‘flock’ will walk away, undisciplined and with his pension in tact.  Ironically, O’Brien was to be part of the group who will decide Pope Benedict’s successor.  Well I can only hope that he believes the teachings of his own corrupt institution and will spend an eternity in ‘hell’ being tortured and branded in the fires along with the rest of his perverted colleagues.

Get with the Program ye of Faith……I_want_Change

Anybody claiming to be of a Catholic denomination should take a long hard look at the actions of their church and its leaders.  Surely any ration person with a modicum of intelligence can see through the medieval witch-doctorate which claims to be representing the will of ‘God’ and immediately disassociate them selves from this evil institution.

Faith is mans first and worst effort to explain what they didn’t have the knowledge to explain before rational science filled in the gaps.  I am an Atheist yet I am able to distinguish between right and wrong.  If the only reason you do not steal, rape and murder is because your Bible tells you not to, you too are a danger to society.  It’s a ‘miracle’ Moses ever made it to Mount Sinai to receive the 10 commandments without murdering and raping all the women and children on route, if you believe that ‘faith’ is required for directing your moral compass.  The human race managed to evolve for 100 million years before ‘Jesus’ was sent to save your souls.  I think we can manage the next few million without the vile plague of religious bigotry, sexism and racist views, which condemn millions of Africans to die from AIDS due to their inane view of contraception.

Heads Up……

There is no ‘god’, no heaven, no hell and no moral supremacy in any religion.  There is only corruption, control and filth……

And Finally……

Indoctrinating children into your distorted reality is akin to child abuse.  Nurture them and when they are educated, given the facts and wise enough they’ll choose their own god, if any……



The Dripping Tap……


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