Karl McCartney MP Shows his True Colours Again……

21 Feb

A Man of Principles……

Karl McCartney MP

Karl McCartney MP

Karl McCartney MP purports to be a man of principles.  Unfortunately, his principles are out of touch with that of the majority of the people he was elected to represent.  His reasoning defies logic and appears to be influenced by outdated fundamental Christian bigotry rather than that of an educated politician who is paid considerably more than his constituents to represent all of them equally, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual preference.  He may not agree with some of the legal rights granted to them by law, even when they run contrary to his own moral convictions but, if he feels so strongly that he is not able to impartially represent an individual’s right to equality, he should resign……

Gay Marriage……

The vote in the House of Commons which found overwhelmingly in favour of the rights of LGBT people to have their commitments to one and other recognised as a marriage, which Mr McCartney voted against.  Prior to the vote he answered a letter from a constituent in the same arrogant manner he has shown on previous occasions.  Please take the time to read this letter.  I apologise for the quality as it was sourced online:


Mr McCartney’s assertion that the UK is a Christian country is not supported by the data.  Follow this link to Religion in the United Kingdom from Wikipedia.  However, if you do not want to read the entire article, below is a section which explains the way in which a question is phrased can distort the answer given and suggests a very different picture of our ‘Christian’ country.  I would ask anybody who claims to be a Christian if they believe the Earth was created in six days, whether Adam and Eve where the first human beings and if Moses parted the Red Sea.  They will doubtless give an answer that these and other biblical stories are fables not to be taken literally, so how does one separate the truth from the fiction?  When the church has been faced with overwhelming evidence that contradicts long standing orthodoxy it has often used torture and imprisonment to suppress such facts to preserve its authority.

Extract from Wikipedia……

Bias in Surveys:

Religious affiliations of UK citizens are recorded by regular surveys, the four major ones being the UK Census, the Labour Force Survey,  the British Social Attitudes survey and the European Social Survey.  The different questions asked by these surveys produced different results:

  • The 2001 census for England and Wales asked the question “What is your religion?”  with a response of 14.81% selecting ‘None’.
  • The 2001 census for Scotland asked the question “What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to?”  with a response of 27.55% selecting ‘None’.
  • The Labour Force Survey asked the question “What is your religion even if you are not currently practising?” with a response of 15.7% selecting ‘No religion’ in 2004 and 22.4% selecting ‘No religion’ in 2010.
  • The British Social Attitudes survey asked the question “Do you regard yourself as belonging to any particular religion?”  with 41.22% of respondents selecting ‘No Religion’ in 2001 and 50.67% selecting ‘No Religion’ in 2009.
  • The European Social Survey asked the question “Which religion or denomination do you belong to at present?” with 50.54% of respondents selecting ‘No Religion’ in 2002 and 52.68% selecting ‘No Religion’ in 2008.

The majority of those that did not select ‘None’ or ‘No Religion’ in above polls selected ‘Christian’ or a Christian denomination.

The wording of the question affects the outcome of polls as is apparent when comparing the results of the Scottish census with that of the English and Welsh census.  An ICM poll for The Guardian in 2006 asked the question “Which religion do you yourself belong to?” with a response of 64% stating ‘Christian’ and 26% stating ‘None’. In the same survey, 63% claimed they are not religious with just 33% claiming they are.   This suggests that almost a third of the non-religious UK population identify with Christianity out of habit.

The British Social Attitudes surveys and the European Social Surveys are fielded to adult individuals.  In contrast, the United Kingdom Census and the Labour Force Surveys are household surveys; the respondent completes the questionnaire on behalf of each member of the household,  including children,  as well as for themselves. The 2010 Labour Force Survey claimed that 54% of Children aged from birth to four years are Christian rising to 59% for children aged between 5 and 9 and 65% for children aged between 10 and 14.   The inclusion of children with adult imposed religions influences the results of the polls.

Other major polls agree with the British Social Attitudes surveys and the European Social Surveys, with a YouGov survey fielded in February 2012 indicating that 43% of respondents claimed to belong to a religion and 76% claimed they were not very religious or not religious at all.   An Ipsos MORI survey fielded in August 2003 indicated that 18% of respondents claimed to be “a practising member of an organised religion” and 25% claimed “I am a non-practising member of an organised religion”.

The 2001 census contained voluntary questions on religious affiliation. In Scotland and Northern Ireland the census also contained questions on the religion in which a person had been brought up. As a result of comparisons with survey data The Office for National Statistics concluded that the census results for England and Wales were more comparable to the results for religion of upbringing in Scotland and Northern Ireland than for current religious affiliation.   At the time the Census was carried out, there was an Internet campaign that encouraged people to record their religion as Jedi or “Jedi Knight”. The number of people who stated Jedi was 390,000 (0.7 per cent of the population).

Regarding Mr McCartney’s assertion that gay marriage would inevitably lead to bigamy and childhood marriage, would lead any reasonably educated person to conclude that this is a plainly ridiculous argument.

Mr McCartney is simply expressing his outdated extreme right wing opinion on a subject about which he knows very little.  Perhaps he is indoctrinating his own children into Christianity and should either turn out to be gay they will have been made to feel so guilty about a perfectly natural emotion, they may be driven to take their own lives, which unfortunately happens due to the bigotry of people like their father.  As for his opinion that the LGBT community have exhausted their fight for equality he may wish to consider the bullying, name calling and violence which still takes place on an all too frequent basis…….

Previous Correspondence with a Constituent……

I have had cause to contact Mr McCartney regarding several issues to which his replies have been less than helpful, abrupt and occasionally offensive.  When a friend of mine sent a letter drafted by the 38 Degrees public lobbying website his response was astonishing.  Judge for yourself:

McCartney Redacted

I think you will agree this is not the behaviour expected of an elected representative.  Whilst Mr McCartney describes 38 Degrees as a ‘self-obsessed, self-indulgent and utterly deluded left wing propaganda website’, he was more than happy to accept a ‘gift’ from Japan Tobacco International, worth more than £1300.00, for a VIP lunch at the Chelsea Flower Show.  Obviously, he feels accepting ‘gifts’ from a company that sells carcinogenic, addictive substances falls within his moral boundaries when same sex marriage does not.  If 38 Degrees had stumped up the funds to pay for Mr McCartney’s Chelsea Flower Show outing, perhaps his opinions may be different.  I am in no way suggesting that the money and power of a major tobacco company was given to influence Mr McCartney but it has done little to improve the public profile of this self-proclaimed moral crusader with his deeply held religious convictions……




Mr McCartney has expressed his strongly held views on more than one occasion and in doing so offended large groups of his constituents.  He would be wise to consider the LGBT community at the next election and also the membership of 38 Degrees, which is significantly larger than his majority……



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