Divisive Political Rhetoric……

16 Jan

We constantly hear that there is a hardcore demographic who have chosen to live on benefits, rather than work.  This message is driven home by politicians from all sides of the spectrum.  Their carefully crafted words give the impression that this imaginary group ‘play the system’ to their advantage and that ‘it pays not to work’, which, by semantic association, reinforces the message that there exists a densely populated Utopia where a life on benefits is comfortable and provides everything an individual needs to maintain the lifestyle enjoyed by ‘the hard pressed tax payer’ and the ‘squeezed middle’.

The only other example I can compare this slur campaign to, is that of the ‘Axis of Evil’’ who are hiding around every corner, suicide jacket in place, ready to kill you to appease their ‘god’.  This has become the justification for needless wars in far away countries that have needlessly cost the lives of hundreds of our armed forces and the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians…….

Reality Check……

I know of nobody in the unfortunate position of having to claim benefits, predominately due to the greedy actions of the locals walking on beach in zanzibarbanks, in league with the big businesses who bankrupted this country, many of whom are just a little bit too close to the legislator.  NB: We found the money to fight ‘the terrorists’ and ‘bail out’ the banks, while the rest of industry was allowed to collapse which is  a clear demonstration of where the political elite’s interests lay.

The very idea that people are living a comfortable life at the expense of the state is palpable.  The benefits paid provide people with barely enough food to eat, pay utility bills and cloth themselves.  It provides no provision for any of those unavoidable washing machine breakdowns, or any thing else apart from the absolute bare minimum……

Caps on Payments……

Enter Iain Duncan-Smith.  He is one of the Soothe-Sayers behind the caps to be placed on benefit payments, particularly IDSwith respect to those living in London (one of the most expensive cities in the world, where even a journey across town is liable to relieve you of the best part of £10).  Of course, Mr. Duncan-Smith is a very wealthy man for whom 1 week’s benefit payment may just about cover the cost of an average lunch.  And the proof is clear for all to see, as will shortly become clear.  IDS is a key proponent of the ‘shirkers and scivers’ sales team, so I thought I’d ask just how bad the situation is…..?

Freedom of Information Request…….

On 25 November 2012, I sent an FOI request to his office to ask the how many people receive benefit payments of £12k or above, triggered by hearing him spouting his divisive rhetoric on a news program and perpetuating the ‘benefit culture’ myth.  When I finally got an answer, as you will see, it does not contain any numbers, or for that matter, any useful information whatsoever, other than to state that getting this information would take several civil servants, several days to gather this data.


So, the man who has sat on many a TV or radio program waxing lyrical about the people who take advantage of ‘the system’ and claim way in excess of the magical £12k cut off figure he wants to legislate against, by inference, has absolutely no idea of the numbers involved and, that it would take up his overpaid staff hours of work to establish……


To hear Iain Duncan-Smith talk, gesticulating in the unnatural way which their image makers have told them presents an air of authority; you would assume he knows precisely how many of the demographic make large claims, necessitating action.  The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t.  It is a simple case of demonising and polarising sections of the population whilst avoiding any of the issues that the electorate would really like changing.  The welfare bill is 50% pensions and a large amount goes to working people because they are paid so badly by their employer who probably pays hardly any tax but as they will tell you, welfare and immigration are the two biggest issues raised on constituents’ doorsteps.  Not really surprising considering the propaganda machine designed to galvanise public opinion.  When a million people marched against the Iraq war it made no difference whatsoever.  They carried on regardless with their lies and attacked anyway.

Democracy?  I would call it a Duocracy with a choice of two shades of grey; both are a too near to black to tell the difference……

‘Governments don’t solve problems, they create them.  Most politicians are rich and have no concept of how most people live.  The expenses scandal and Leveson demonstrate the relationship between the media, business and the Police.  Our ‘democracy’ is akin to a pack of Wolves and a Sheep deciding what’s for dinner.  Corruption on an industrial scale.  We happily do business with dictators,  the Israelis and Saudis;  money talks’……



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