The Nanny State……

3 Jan

Whatever Next…..?


A report by what is laughably referred to as a ‘think tank’ has suggested that Doctors should be able to prescribe exercise and those who fail to follow the advice they could have their benefits cut.  This comes after yesterday’s revelation that the NHS should ‘crackdown’ on expensive medications in a bid to cut £8 billion from GPs budgets……


Do the same Rules Apply to MPs…..?


Why this new Orwellian suggestion only applies to people in receipt of benefits I don’t know but we had a little ‘think tank’ of our own and found that the tax payer would make a substantial saving on the MPs expenses bill if some of their over weight colleagues spent a bit less on the food that they clearly don’t need and shouldn’t be allowed to claim for anyway.  There is also a substantial saving to be made on fuel if ministerial cars didn’t have to lug fat MPs like Eric ‘no neck’ Pickles around when on official business……


Why Stop with Fat People…..?


We should refuse to treat smokers with chest infections, DIY ‘enthusiasts’ who cut off bits of themselves, girls who wear high heels and break their ankles and car crash victims, after all, it was their choice to drive.


This is yet another demonstration of the degree of stupidity that officials with nothing better to do can come up with to try and save the ‘poor hard pressed tax payer’ some money.  If we really are that short, which we are bound to be due to the fact that all ‘money’ borrowed by our Government comes with interest attached and will never be repaid, then here’s a few suggestions on how to save some:  Get rid of the monarchy or let it spend it’s huge personal fortune looking after itself.  Stop spending billions of pounds fighting wars, in countries that half of the MPs couldn’t even find on a map, on the false pretence that it’ll stop 2 non-descript, non-geographical ‘terrorists’ from attacking us.  Stop the scandalous expenses scam that MPs are milking for every penny they can get their corrupt grubby little fingers on and, finally, stop fucking telling people what to eat, when to fart, how fast to drive, how much to drink and what drugs not to take.  Just one last tip or two to get us out the shit that you got us into; tax corporations, don’t waste money on ‘think tanks’, sporting events that no-one gets to see, don’t give charity for dictators to pocket and if you really, really, really want to help; make Sodium Thiopental available over the counter, and take some……


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