The Snoopers Charter (Cont’d)……

28 Dec

The Draft Communications Data Bill……


The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said earlier this month that he had accepted the criticism [of the Draft Communications Data Bill], which was wide ranging from all sides of the political spectrum and from human rights organisations, and would re-write it.  They have dedicated a huge amount of time and resources on legislation which, despite their protestation that it is a necessity to protect us from terrorism, will, in reality, make very little difference to the existing powers of MI5, MI6, the Police or immigration services……


Principles, Proportionality and Responsibility……


Most of us go about our daily lives minding our own business and don’t break the law.  It is on the that assumption that our legal system is based; innocent until proven guilty, habeas corpus, you get the picture, which is why I object to all of my email, text and social network communications being stored in ‘the cloud’ just in case it might be of use to the security services should I decide to become a deranged terrorist megalomaniac at some point in the future.  You could compare it to the Post Office making photocopies of all your correspondence and post cards, or asking Boots to keep a duplicate of your holiday snaps.  Based on the fact that 99.9% of the population are not terrorists, that is my objection on principle and proportionality.


Responsibility is a whole different matter and the one which, as a law abiding citizen, bothers me more.  On numerous occasions the Government have demonstrated just how easy it is to ‘loose’ our personal data, either by leaving laptops on trains, loosing CDs in the mail, having ministers’ wave sensitive paperwork in front of the media’s long lenses or being infiltrated by hackers.  There are already hundreds of databases which hold personal information about us and we do not need another opportunity for our personal information to be lost’ for what is nothing more than an over reaction to a minority problem.  And, I would assume the baddies don’t plan their attacks on Facebook or in un-encrypted emails……


If only they would dedicate the same amount of effort to tackle tax ‘avoidance’, corruption and lobbying……


Take Action……


I’m changing my email over to ‘hushmail’ which uses PGP encryption.  Although this is not foolproof, it’s at least adds some degree of privacy and I encourage everybody to do the same.


Write to your MP to make your feelings known but don’t always expect a congenial reply!


Sign up to Liberty, 38 Degrees and other human rights campaigns.



38 Degrees

To contact your MP: 



Don’t just sit there and allow your privacy and human rights to be slowly but surely undermined……


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