Political Misrepresentation……

22 Dec



The demographic of The House of Commons bears no resemblance to that of the country for which it legislates.  Women are the most obvious group which are under represented alongside racial groups.  Parliament is still largely made up of white men but even amongst this Caucasian majority the demographics are disproportionate.


Born to Lead……



Best Friends

There are an unhealthy number of men from what can be best described as the ‘old boy’ network.  These privately educated Etonians are the remnants of the aristocracy and consider it their hereditary birthright to rule over the plebeians with an unspoken arrogance that becomes abundantly clear whenever a discussion about the imaginary ‘benefit culture’ arises, which apparently pays people not to work, although, I have yet to meet a single person for whom the ‘benefit culture’ delivers the pleasures of life and degree of opulence enjoyed by their paymasters.  Perhaps, I have not attended the right polo games or operas to see first hand the pleasures in life that the ‘benefit culture’ delivers?


Aim High……


In the corridors and meeting rooms lurk the embryonic career politicians.  Men whose goal in life is to become a politician, a goal which should automatically disqualify anyone for whom it is an objective.  Drawn to the Civil Service like a slug is drawn to a Lettuce and equally slimy and unpalatable, they graduate university, take whatever internship is offered and begin the journey up the same greasy pole as their predecessor.  They are not unlike the poles in the late night establishments they frequent and work in a similar fashion, where sleazy men stuff wads of money into the g-strings of dancers and, un-cleaned between performances, dribble with bodily fluids like the poles of the Civil Service drool with the sycophantic platitudes of the Spads as they affirm the opinions of their boss.  They bring little to the political table as their life experience is limited to that of ‘doing’ politics but are well versed in the art of never answering a question and conjuring up sound bites.


A Rare Bread……


Occasionally, amenable candidates are elected.  Usually, having deeply held convictions born out of their own life experiences and having seen at first hand the inequalities that cause suffering within society, they have a genuine desire to change lives.  Sadly, due to the way in which our ‘democracy’ is controlled, they rarely make it beyond the backDennis_Skinner benches but when they are able to make their voices heard it is like a breath of fresh air.  The childish jibes that achieve nothing and contribute less are replaced with truth in place of rhetoric and a profound insight into the reality that exists outside of the M25.  Dennis Skinner is one of this rare bread.  The son of miner, who himself worked at the coal face for over 20 years, he is known for his no nonsense, direct approach and political point scoring is something which does not feature highly on his agenda.  Tony Benn is also something of a rarity.  Although not born into a working class family could see the inequalities in society and renounced his hereditary peerage to make a powerful statement that change was needed.  Sadly, this is yet to happen.


Unfortunately, the Orwellian political structure prevails wearing the disguise of a ‘democracy’ and whoever you vote for, the government always wins…….


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