18 Dec

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Drone Wars UK

Arguments relating to the legality of armed drones have raged since the very first Predator strike.  However, over the past year, the legal arguments have emerged out of the pages of academic journals and obscure conference rooms and entered the mainstream and indeed, the courtroom.  In the first of our reviews of the year we look back at what has happened in relation to legal arguments of the use of drones.

Drones and targeted killing

Perhaps the fundamental legal issue relating to the growing use of unmanned drones is how they have enabled the United States to undertake targeted killings. Helpfully for our purposes, at the beginning of the year in an article for the Guardian, international law scholar Mary Ellen O’Connell  defined targeted killing and outlined its limits under international law:

“‘Targeted killing’ is the killing of certain individuals away from battle zones using military means, including missiles, bombs and commando raids….  States are permitted…

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