14 Dec

As the subject of a pardon for Alan Turin is in today’s news, here’s something I wrote in June

A Dripping Tap's Blog

Alan Turing – 23/06/1912 to 07/06/1954

Alan Turing was born on 23rd June 1912 in Maida Vale, London. He was a mathematical genius and made a Fellow of Kings at the age of 22 on the strength of his dissertation proving the Central Limit Theorem. At the start of World War II he was drafted to work on Cryptanalysis at Bletchley Park and set to work on the German Enigma code. It is not unrealistic to say that without Turing’s contribution the outcome of the war may have been very different……

The Father of Computing……

In an early paper written by Alan Turing he laid out the basics of how an electronic computer would work and the theoretical limits of what they could achieve, a thesis upon which all modern computers work. Ironically, it was the death of a childhood friend, with whom Turing was in love, which inspired his…

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