Death and Taxes……

11 Dec

Public Service Information……


‘When a relative dies it is a distressing time for their loved ones.  If they leave no estate you have the option of applying for assistance from the state but this is paid after the funeral and is not guaranteed, so you could be left with a bill amounting into the thousands of pounds’


The Law Regarding Deceased People……

At a time of distress you are unlikely to seek the legal advice regarding the funeral cost of your relative.  It is here that you get caught in a legal loophole without anybody explaining the significance of your actions.

When you contact a funeral director to get the arrangements started you have entered into a legal contract with the funeral director and any costs become your responsibility.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you do not act to arrange a funeral (and there is no legal obligation for you to do so regardless of whether the deceased is a parent, son, daughter or any other relative) under the Public Health regulations the state becomes responsible for the ‘disposal’ of your relative.  If they have expressed a desire not to be cremated this must be respected.  The council will arrange for the funeral of your relative and this has nothing to do with you.  Therefore, they cannot present you with a bill for the cost of the funeral…..

‘It sounds harsh but it is not as if your relative did not pay their taxes when they were alive.  To expect hard pressed families to find the thousands of pounds to arrange a funeral is unfair and can place unnecessary stress on families, causing more hardship.  If a family member dies simply take no action and the arrangements will be made without you’


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