Matrimonial Bliss……

8 Dec

‘Why gay marriage within religion does a disservice to gay people, human rights and what it stands for within contemporary society’


What is a Marriage……


Marriage may conjure up images of big white dresses, smart suits, and pretty flower arrangements and, of course, love.  However, historically marriage had more to do with possession, money, providing an heir to hold on to power and the enslavement of women in all but name.  One only has to consider the language of biblical texts to see this demonstrated; a man must ‘take a wife’.  Love had little, if any, significance in marriage.


Today in certain societies and religions marriage is still a contractual arrangement often made by the families of those who are to be married and a very one sided contract at that.  In some instances a woman is expected to keep a house, cook, clean and tend to livestock etc.  In a Jewish marriage the woman is expected to ‘fulfil the commandment to have children’.  In some Middle Eastern societies, including the ones with whom we have lucrative arms contracts, a woman can be stoned to death for infidelity whilst her husband engages the services of prostitutes unhindered by the law.


The point I am trying to highlight is that, although within the Church of England marriage appears fairly benign for a large majority of the world’s population it still represents the treatment of women as possessions and second class citizens……


So what has this to do with Gay Marriage……


The church and what it represents is an arcane and outdated doctrine that has no place within a modern society.  When they attempt to move with the times, for example by accepting gay clergymen, it always comes with strings attached.  You can be a homosexual clergyman but must not partake in the act of love making.  Within the Church of England the argument for the ordination of women bishops continues with the male dominated Synod voting against it.


Don’t let us forget though that we are all God’s children and he loves us all equally, provided we repent our sins.  God also made ‘man’ in his own image which implies that the spectrum of sexual orientation was God’s creation to begin with.


If gay marriage is allowed within the church it will probably follow a battle in the European Court of Human Rights as well as the Synod.  If you choose to exercise the right to have your gay marriage recognised by the church, bear in mind the circumstances that led there……


In Conclusion……


The majority of church leaders don’t approve of your lifestyle choices and don’t really want you to be a part of their ‘inclusive’ church.  The majority of the curtain twitching parishioners don’t want you there either.


Your happy day will be a hollow victory for your human rights and will have no influence on the majority of religions which still treat gay, lesbian, transgender people and women as second class citizens and continue to abuse them.


‘Leave religions to what they are best at; abusing children, mistreating women and demonising anybody who disagrees with their point of view.  And don’t forget; God loves you all’


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